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  1. My buddy's 73 has a different shaped relay in the same spot. I can't recall its function but we traced it in the harness and found it in a wiring diagram and determined it was not needed.
  2. How much are you going to share with the original owner?
  3. Vapor blasting on the right. Bead blasting in middle:
  4. My buddy is in the queue for BAT . Here are some videos he took of his minty 78 280z. Rare colour and rare auto. More videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/mumof2bb/videos
  5. FYI there is a great product available at Honda Parts Counter called Shin-Etsu that works great on keeping rubber like new and not greasy.
  6. Sorry.... I agree 100%... your's is a unique rarity! I was responding in a way to the election day timing consideration..... it was like back in the day releasing a single the same week the Rollings Stones did.
  7. Nov. is a tough time to sell a sports car. Spring is best.
  8. My buddy's 78 280z near mint low mile all original Z will be following this one. Hopefully there are enough buyers out there.
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