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    Z fanatic but no car right now
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    She is a 71 "driver" mostly original except she was painted red over the original yellow. Not a quality paint job ... single stage. But it's so imperfect I don't mind driving her ... even in the rain.

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I'm 58, married 34 years ... all to the same woman!, and have two grown boys. Besides my Z car, I like red wine, guns, and carpentry. I'm not a mechanic at all which made the Z a good choice ... they seem to be fairly simple. I had a red '70 when I was 17 ... totaled it the 2nd year I had it, a light blue '72 with fender flares ... sold it, a blue '71 ... rusty, sold it ... an orange '71 ... sold it (stupid!). Dream car is to replace my original red '70 with an unmolested survivor but they're very much outside my budget. My second favorite thing about Z's are the people you meet in person or internet with ... solid, helpful people with very few exceptions.

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