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  1. thephoenixphoto

    new lock set

    i learned to day that 240 came out of the factory with two keys, one for the ignition and one for the rest of the car.
  2. thephoenixphoto

    new lock set

    sounds like a good idea. thx
  3. thephoenixphoto

    new lock set

    hi all i want to go one key for my car which is 2 keys at the moment. i also need to change my ignition switch. i am looking for complete set but can't find it except at a crazy price on ebay. do you have any adress ? do you know if some other datsun or nissan cars lock set could match ? thanks
  4. thephoenixphoto

    WTB 240 km speedometer

    hi all looking for a km speedo, not a face conversion but the real deal, a speedo that has odometer in km as well as the face
  5. thephoenixphoto

    [SOLD] R200 w/MFactory LSD $1000 SOLD

    still available ?
  6. thephoenixphoto

    Various early Z parts - AC, smog pump, etc

    do you know the ratio of the diff ?

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