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  1. @Bruce: As many times as you and I have needled each other (no pun intended) about the Old School EFI to SU thing over the years I wouldn't ever consider doing SU to EFI unless it was some type of modern EFI. Though I had some success with it, the old JECS system is tough enough to sort out as it was originally installed but a retrofit?????:tapemouth:ermm:LOL

  2. That coil will be fine as long as it's secure. As far as working with the electronic ignition, I ran the larger Accel Super Coil in my 78 for the 12 years I owned it w/no problems. That condenser is referred to as a 'radio condenser' in the wiring diagram. There's a black wire that comes from a tab under a screw on the disributor mount and plugs into that open bullet recepticle


  3. After giving it some thought, I owe you an apology, Godfoot. I guess you could have remebered that commerciial from when you were growing up. They launched that commercial during the 1996 Super Bowl, some two decades after the last 240Z was built. This was really the first evidence of Nissan attemting to get away from that 'anti-Datsun' mode that gnosez alluded to. The same year that the Z Store Project began. Marketing. To me, though I love that poster and have a 24" X 30" version of it on the wall in my garage, it was simply a part of Nissan's marketing strategy at the time. That being said, when I look at that poster, it evokes different feelings for me than it does for you. It was a NISSAN commercial and you claim to be a NISSAN fan. I get that. I am a DATSUN fan, and to me, there is a huge difference. I was around when Datsun name was contemporary. I owned their vehicles then as well as more recently. Personally, I wouldn't be at all concerned about where the company is headed now because, to me, there is no connection.

  4. Might as well lump the Toyota GT 86 in with those also. There will never be a true modern successor to the 240Z. What else do you all want to discuss in this thread since the OP got his answer as well as any meaningful commentary on the subject in 2010?

    @Godfoot, the member who originally awakened the thread: You couldn't really have "remembered this commercial from when you were growing up", as you stated if you were born in 1984 as it says in your profile......

  5. Stephan, I don't know why the original poster would need to do this either (unless there are track days in the car's future), but I wanted to at least try to answer the question with something not related to using a cell phone...
    As far as that cell phone claptrap goes, all you have to do is consider who started it. Especially when he continued along that path even after the question was answered. I was just wondering why this went so far beyond the scope of what the OP asked.

  6. I guess I could use a switch to temporarily insert a fixed resistor in series with the CTS to fool the ECU into adding extra fuel through the injectors if I find the cranking times unacceptable. This winter hasn't really been a good test of cold weather starts...
    ... or add a normally closed pushbutton in series with the CTS sensor. If you push it, fuel will come. :)
    If the oem stuff is working as it should, why would you do either of those, why bother??
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