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  1. Zed Head, you identified part of the problem. Voltage regulator at higher RPM was putting out too much voltage, however wires were still getting warm. replaced all of the spade connectors on the wires and seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks for all the help folks.
  2. Yes, I pulled the fuse panel and all looks good. Also, checked the condition of how the wires are connected to the fuse bus bars and all are tight
  3. I used a puller rather than a press and it worked great. They came right out. I made my own puller, but it looks like Zcar Depot sells a puller. https://zcardepot.com/products/spindle-pin-removal-tool-240z-260z-280z?_pos=1&_sid=5e110014f&_ss=r
  4. Had a bit of excitement. After four years got my 1970 240Z fully restored and on the road. After about 1 hour of driving had smoke in the cab from insulation burning on one of the primary power wires under the dash (see photo). I repaired the wire and added a new female spade connector and then proceeded to clean the connectors under the dash by the passenger kick panel (second photo) as well. I then reconnected the wire and ran the car and held the wire with my hand and noted it becoming hot. Tested resistance on the wires and they seem fine. Also, noted that when I turn on any item, l
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