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  1. Wow that is a lot of crud As of right now we are running rebuilt bell top carbs new fuel pump and new lines running off a clean gas can we took the tank out to have it cleaned out waiting for it to get back then we will run new lines though out
  2. If you could come by and take a look That would be great just let me know and we can make it happen Thanks guys for all the help
  3. Ok sorry it has a electronic ignition It Will Have to sit 5-10 minutes before restart
  4. ok the car is all stock the carbs are off a 72-73 it runs for a min it or two then shuts off ignition is stock as far as i can tell both fuel pumps are in place but as of right now only running off the front pump
  5. Ok it's not my daily driver We bought It For my son as a project we got it running last weekend we were working on it this weekend it will run but it takes a bit to get it to run the it's like some one just turned off the key then it will not crank back up not sure what would make it do that
  6. I have a 260z was running last weekend and now quite then it will crank and run but give it a min and it turns off like you turn the key off And ideas
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