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  1. Deblin227

    1977 budget restoration

    Does anyone have a gas tank for sale.. Preferably one that's already redone
  2. Deblin227

    1977 budget restoration

    And when I started it the other day I heard a new noise in the front passenger side of engine. I hope it's just a pulley
  3. Deblin227

    1977 budget restoration

    Hit a rough spot. My cleaned and sealed tank didn't hold All the POR 15 is coming off inside the tank I'm thinking about just having a new tank made
  4. Deblin227

    1977 280z 2 plus 2

    My first try at a restoration
  5. Deblin227

    1977 budget restoration

    Bought new fuel pump but not getting fuel to engine Blew out hard lines and cleaned and sealed tank
  6. Deblin227



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