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  1. blodi

    Picked up some brass rod..

    Well, the weather has gotten a lot cooler here and I haven't been able to get into the dyno due to scheduling or weather issues. Might have to wait til spring on it. The car is about a full point leaner under WOT with the cooler temps due to the air density.
  2. Got an appt for the dyno for this Saturday. But, right now it looks like rain, so I might have to reschedule. Number predictions, anyone?
  3. Very happy with the results. The F19 was a great call! As I said before, the car pulls great! I think the lean spike at the beginning may be due to the 35mm chokes and losing velocity. I could try the 34's and see if that helps it, but that will hurt the top end a bit. Also it has a nice lean cruise at these setting as well. I want to try to get the car on the dyno before the snow flies here. I'll have to call and see when I can get on their schedule. Thanks for all the help! I want to get a few more weeks of monitoring under my belt and then I'll get the other E Tubes out to you.
  4. Ok, F19 165/175....I gotta say...pulls really good! My RPM sensor obviously went MIA in the first two runs. 92818-1 by blodi, on Flickr 92818-2 by blodi, on Flickr 92818-3 by blodi, on Flickrvvvvvv
  5. Wouldn't a smaller main make it even leaner? Right now I'm running what is essentially the "richest" combo I have. 165 main is the largest I have and 175 corrector is the smallest.
  6. Put my 175 correctors in for a 165/175 combo...it's certainly richer and looks good for a while and then starts going leaner as RPM raise. I forgot my SD card today so I can't get a log. I will try tomorrow.
  7. Yeah decreasing the air corrector is what I meant above....215 is in there now.....I have a 185 or 175 I can jump down to. I'll try to get one of them in tonight.
  8. Looked last night and 165 is the largest main I have. I could try a 185 or 175 corrector to try to richen it up.
  9. Got the F19's in with 165/215. Drove it last night and didn't have a chance to get a log, but under WOT the AFR's were way lean....like 15's at 5K.
  10. Broke one of the 165 mains when trying to insert it😒 ... got a new one on the way.
  11. E tubes showed up today! What setup should I go with on them? Stick with 160/215?
  12. That's who I've used too! I agree, great service and prices. Thanks again for sending those. I put the 65F9 idle jets back in and afrs are leaned back out at cruise and looking good.
  13. A couple side notes. I noticed the cruise has now been very rich. I believe this is due to the 70 idle jets. I am going to go back to the 65's to confirm that is the issue. Also, after inputing my info into this gear ratio calculator; https://www.blocklayer.com/rpm-geareng.aspx I do believe my tach is reading high and the data logger is correct. So I will try to dial that in as well.
  14. Ok F16 160/215 83118 by blodi, on Flickr
  15. Cool! I found the 160s tonight and installed them. I’ll retest in the next few days.

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