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  1. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the difference. Glad to know so many others are learning from this thread. Hopefully it helps others in the future too.
  2. F16 165/215 again on flat ground. I also received and installed F9 70 idle jets this evening. Driveablility seems much better at lower speeds. I am going to re calibrate the O2 sensor when I have a chance as well as I haven't done it in a while. 81418 by blodi, on Flickr
  3. I should say that the log last night was down an entrance ramp for what it's worth. Also I checked my fuel height and it's at 28mm +/- .3 mm in all three carbs. I may have been closer to 29mm last summer which might be why it's a bit richer now. I can try another log on this setup just to confirm.
  4. Here is F16 165/215 again... 81318 by blodi, on Flickr
  5. Thanks again for the great analysis! I was out of town the last couple days but had a bit of time tonight and through in the F11 and did the 155/185 combo with the following result...same as last time with the down a entrance ramp and then flatter run second. 81218-1 by blodi, on Flickr 81218-2 by blodi, on Flickr I might throw in that F16 165/215 combo in an retest tomorrow. The carb is not bigger in diameter than the intake. I think it's either equal or has a slight step if I remember correctly, but I can scope it and find out.
  6. Took a couple of logs tonight...first one was down an entrance ramp. Second one was a flat entrance onto highway and engine was more up at temp. The setup? F16 155/185 8918-1 by blodi, on Flickr 8918-2 by blodi, on Flickr
  7. I actually tried a couple different setups beyond that last one posted over the weekend. I took a log of one that was too lean up top and then tried a different setup that I didn’t get a log of but it looked really good just watching the readout. I’ll try to get a log of it later this week if we get a dry day here.
  8. Ok, back in business. Here is F2 140/185 fuel level set at 29mm (the front carb I had to lower the floats further than the other two by a few mils to get the fuel at the right height) and .35 exhaust jet. The lean spike at the beginning, which can be felt as a stumble when I first hit the throttle, is that the exhaust jets not being 00? Its been that way the last few runs...wasn't there before. 8318 by blodi, on Flickr
  9. Car is back up and running. No noise. 👍
  10. Head is repaired. This time with some "staking" to hold the valve seat in place. So pretty much impossible for the seat to come out again. A new head would be really tough as this is a rare E31 that has also been ported/shaved/etc.... Hoping to have the car back up and running by this weekend.
  11. Welp, back from vaca and installed a new intake/exhaust gasket....still the noise. Got the bore scope out and the damn #4 intake valve seat came out again! Agh.
  12. Replaced manifold gasket and drove 1/2 mile and once again I got a leak. Out of town for the next two weeks..I'll try to replace the gasket again when I'm back and we'll go from there.
  13. Yes, my cruise has been pretty nice- 14.5-16ish depending on the setup. I'll put the .35 exhaust back in. I did notice a slight stumble with the .65 when driving around. I did put copper spray on the both sides of the gasket. But, I used an OEM gasket this time and MSA says that's a no-no with their headers. I could see two leaks when it was on the car ,but there were 6 I spotted once I had it all apart. So MSA gasket one should be here any day. That's what I had on there before and had zero issues.
  14. Great data analyzing! Still waiting for the replacement manifold gasket...everything is apart right now. I got your message as well..sorry, it was a busy weekend. I will get it all back together and do 29mm fuel level again....F2 140/180 or so...I have to see what I have for air jets, I forgot. What accel/exhaust jets should I use?
  15. ^Thats impressive chickenman! I got a response from Leon on hybridz: “Hi Ryan, the problem lies in the emulsion tube. I did what I could with that setup, I believe the air jets were down to 110 on that graph in an effort to try to limit the amount of airflow through the e-tube which is part of the issue. I'm now running Keith Franck's VF tubes but haven't been back to the dyno. It should cure the fat dip that Weber tubes tend to produce. I used Keith's old jetting on my last Z and AFR was flat all the way across the powerband. I plan to dyno again "soon"...” Debating my next step. What fuel level should I be targeting? 27mm? New manifold gasket arrived today but it was bent in shipping. ☹️ The wait continues.....

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