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  1. @jonbill you hit the nail on the head! Dropped it down to a .024” gap and she pulls hard and clean! Thank you! Super happy!
  2. I put in new plugs and she certainly revs better. But breaks up now at 6k instead of 5k before. I might try adding timing to see if it has an impact.
  3. I have the MSA upgraded alternator with the internal voltage regulator. I guess I could monitor the voltage gauge. Never had a problem with the pertronix reviving in the past. She’d gladly run up to redline all day. Going to order up some new plugs. Is what I currently have good?
  4. Happy new year and happy uh quarantine to everyone. So, I’m trying to figure out my high rpm sputter. You can see it do it on the dyno video I posted last year. Tried a new coil, wires, put in a new pertronix...nothing. Fuel pressure is steady at 4 psi. Pulled the tops off the carbs and everything looks clean. Maybe it’s the plugs? What plugs/gap should I be running on this setup? Currently running NGK BPR6ES at about .029 gap.
  5. Do you have the ballast resistor hooked up with your setup?
  6. Yeah, that's kind of what I went through back in August.....I had the dizzy installed and bypassed the resistor as instructed...my tach was all bouncy at higher rpm. So I tried hooking the resistor back up and that's when it fried the ignition module on the dizzy. Maybe I need a different coil? I thought I had the correct ohm version...but now I forget what I have in there. I'll have to check.
  7. Yeah, the problem is I can't get my tach out because of my full dash cap blocking it in. Sounds like some people have issues with the swap and some don't : https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/122001-240z-tach-issues-with-280zx-distributor/ Im wondering if there is any dizzy out there that will work with a 240z tach without issue...other than a stock 240z dizzy. Aftermarket?
  8. This is what I used... Car ran great. But the tach was just bouncy when I got on it at all.
  9. Sorry, I meant that I had a 280zx dizzy that I was installing. I did try it with my 240 tach and it's fine until about 3K and then will bounce like crazy.
  10. 5 months later.... I finally got around to trying to install the 280z tach here while it’s winter. Quickly realized I can’t remove my stock tach as my car has a full dash cap on it and blocks the tach from coming out. I don’t want to force anything and break the cap or tach. So...anyone know of a aftermarket dizzy that will work with a stock 240z tach? I haven’t searched yet. Also...anyone need a 280z tach or rebuilt dizzy? ?
  11. I installed the new dizzy and got the timing all set. Took it for a spin Friday afternoon and it ran great and pulled hard! But, once you got over about 3.5K, the tach would start bouncing all over the place. So I stopped for gas and reconnected the resistor in an attempt to fix that. Well, I started the car and it died after about 10 seconds. Long story short, I fried the ignition module. Had to get a ride from a friend back home and got the old dizzy and installed it and got the car home. So, I ordered a new ignition module and I guess I'll have to look for a 280z tach to install.
  12. Found a source for both parts and ordered them up today. I did get the car started with the new dizzy last night and adjusted the timing, but realized I couldn't tighten it down with the 240 mount/plate.
  13. Just realized I also need the 280ZX dizzy mount. Do I also need the adjustment plate? Anyone have these?
  14. I checked my timing before swapping the dizzy's out. 20 at idle and 37 at 3K+ So, I guess I did only have 17 degrees in the old one. 280zx dizzy is in but I need to adjust the timing tonight and go take her for a test spin.
  15. So it looks like I'll be going from 24 degress of centrifugal advance down to 17. Since the webers don't use vacuum advance, that's what I get. So I'll probably have to add a bit more timing to it overall to get the same full advanced timing at 3K+.
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