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  1. Hey Zedhead, can you post a picture of what you did regarding the bell crank?
  2. Too bright is when it looks like brake lights when it's just on haha. Then blinding when braking. From 400 lumens to 80 is quite a big range of difference
  3. I guess not many coilover experts around lately
  4. Regarding the superbrightLED website, how many lumens should we get for our tail lights? Don't want to be TOO bright right? I believe our tail lights are 1157 model(or at least my 280z is)
  5. I'm assuming this group buy is long done?
  6. Thanks Mark. The previous owner lubed some of the linkages when i told him about it. But maybe I should clean it all out and then re-lube. Or maybe it's something right at the pedal, which he didn't go Regarding suspension kits, I meant that there is no way to buy a full setup like this and just bolt in? I've been perusing the forums and looks like people have to weld camber kits to their strut towers and such. I basically want a 1-1.5 inch drop. And if anything, I'd rather just do a coilover as linked all at once and not deal with buying springs and then later down the road upgrade to something like this. Thanks for your help. I'll post pictures when I get home and take some after work.
  7. Hey all, I just decided to jump in head first and bought a 1975 280z. Got tired of putting commuter miles on my '08 g35 6MT sedan, so I wanted a beater that I can slowly work on while DD. And I hated overpriced used hondas, rather have a RWD nissan any day. Pros: great body and interior rebuilt motor new tires and all that jazz weather strips replaced replaced suspension bushings Cons: previous owner put a rebuilt l24 in it sticky gas pedal isn't smooth so accelerating is a pain in the arse right now with the 4 spd (mpg suffering too) Feels kind of heavy-guess that comes with the 280z territory So my first upgrade should be the transmission and the seats and a few miscellaneous things. My first question would be, are there bolt-on legit suspension kits? or it seems I will have to get some welding done from what i've been finding. I've already been trolling a bunch of Z sites long before. Thanks for any input! EDIT: i'll be posting pictures of the original orange baby in all its glory soon.... it's really well kept for a 40 yr old paint job.
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