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  1. All I can say is there is nothing more reassuring than knowing that there are people out there who have the passion to just help a stranger on a car. SteveJ came out and provided the part and helped me install the amp meter. Great people. she purrs like a kitten.....with no muffler.
  2. Its funny when the guy sold me the car he was like "man, you really are passionate about these cars" I calmly replied "yes, we are" haha. I have always loved the Z history and the design of the cars.
  3. Thanks guys, I'm excited about the car, the 260z was in far worse shape than this one. Just not used to electrical problems yet haha. Ill go home and take a better look at the fuseable link. It ran a couple of days ago......it kills me to not having it running from one little mistake like that. Im super pumped to be back on the forum, need to get the albums together.
  4. Good morning everybody, Its been a while and as a different user since I have been in the group. The my 1974 260z sold itself. So I had the itch to get another and found a 1972 240z. Went to look at the car and the guy put the wires backwards to start the car. After a short sizzle and some odor I realized what he had done. he had a video of it running a couple of days earlier so I was comfortable with the buy. But now I'm at work and regretting letting him do it. Because now there is no response to life other than the brake lights working. nothing else in the car reacts to the battery being plugged in. My question is: If the fuseable link coming off the starter is bad, would that totally shut down the system? if so is there anywhere else I need to be looking as far as damage. Im looking thru diagrams now to get used to the 240z system vs. the 260z. not alot of differences but this is the first electrical problem I have tried to solve. nothing worse than owning a Z and not being able to hear it run.
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