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  1. Wasn't today, but my most recent pic. Got my rotisserie built, now it's time to rebuild the front frame rails and carry them on all the way to the back.
  2. Got some more paint stripped off of her. Sandblasted some suspension pieces to get ready for powder coating and got the last of the metal for my rotisserie. Cant wait till she is upside down in my garage. Welding time!!
  3. Wow, I was looking at my rusty areas the other day and thinking about how much work it will be. I can honestly say my car has a fraction of a percentage of the rust that car has . I feel better now.
  4. I had a similar problem with my old 12A RX-7 and after replacing damn near everything on the top of the engine, it turned out to be a vacuum line under the intake manifold had come uncapped. For what ever reason, it only died while warm. Cost me 55 cents to fix. At least I had a good tune up. Check ALL your vacuum sources.
  5. Thanks for the compliments on the 240SX. Sad thing is, I drove it for a week, and was not happy with it. Sold it the same night I posted it on CL. Fun car, but just not my style. I bought a pretty decent welder from what I have read. It is a Craftsman, but made by Century. It is a flux core or shielded MIG. Right now I do not have the funds lying around to get the entire mig portion up and running. Our local jobber wants 215 for the small bottle of Argon and I cant get the financier (aka wife) to bite off on it just yet. I have some stuff to sell, and some powdercoating to do before I can jump into all that. No progress reports today. Waiting on this 2.5" incision on the bottom of my foot to heal enough for a post op boot of sorts so I can walk.
  6. Seems to be stout still. Someone at some point in time used a ton of undercoating on the wheel well... liierally mssing those plates. I have scraped, sanded, kicked, and punched the frame rails, and they still hold true. I didnt really kick and punch, but used my trusty pick, and pick hammer to probe pretty much the engine bay. Battery box is shot, passenger footwell, and the two plates. All else seems pretty straight. Fingers crossed for sure. More pics soon, progress is SLOOOOWWWW but I will get there.
  7. And just because car guys like to share pics. Here is my previous project. When I got it, clear coat was peeling off, bumper was not painted, wheels were destroyed. And after a few months of sanding and learning how to paint. I even PCed the wheels on her I am super excited to get going on the 240Z. Once this stupid foot heals up. Sorry for posting Kouki pics on a classic site, just wanted to share.
  8. Sorry, forgot to post the interior. The inside is actually very clean. No cracks in the dash. All carpet is there with only minor wear in places, all the diamond pattern vinyl is in good condition. And the car is a clean title car. It may require some elbow grease, but its worth it. And as you can see, there is more than enough trim pieces to go around. I do not plan on running all of the trim pieces once it is finished. May help fund some sheet metal parts . This weekend (I am hoping I can walk a little bit this weekend) I will be taking apart the front suspension and cleaning it up. Luckily for me, I have my own powdercoating setup, so should be able to get some nice suspension pieces out of this
  9. Hey guys. Well I finally picked up a 240Z, a car that I have coveted for a long long time. A close friend of mine happened to have too many projects to carry out at his house and one of them had to go. So I was the lucky guy that picked up this ole girl. I am excited about it. At first glance, she was very clean and straight, second glance, found some issues. Oh well, this is a true project car for me. I do not need her for transportation so I can take my time. When I first picked her up she looked like this: The previous owner tried to fix up a few spots, and I am thinking he also tried to paint her since she was originally silver. (according to the engine bay and the interior). I am stripping the entire car down one section at a time and fixing the problem areas that popped up. So far I have found a few. Both sides of the subframe mount up front are bad, but those are easily fixed. I drilled one out already and the interior of the frame is actually pretty solid. Going to clean and coat as I go. Both rockers will need replacing. Both floors have a hole behind the seat rail. But that is a different section. I am working the engine bay and front suspension first and foremost. Hence why the car looks like this right now. So far that is about all I have to report. I recently underwent foot surgery, so my progress has been halted I will post more as I go. Oh, I am a novice welder, but have a friend who welds for a living. He is also willing to help . I am also a novice painter, having only painted one car prior, but I plan to take my time and do it right.I plan on painting her up with this color: I will be going with a candy tangerine over a graphite colored base. I think she will look good. No crazy body kit, I only plan to add an MSA lip and retain the BRE style spoiler out back. I will NOT be using the louvers . This is the inspiration for my color choices: I love the DCB M series boats, and this particular boat sports twin Mercury Racing 1350s (top speed in the 170s). Cant afford one of those, so I will just bite off her colors . Thanks for looking guys!
  10. ^ this. But make sure at the end of the panel, you paint past the end before you twist the wrist, otherwise you will end up with "thinner" paint at the trailing edge of the panel.
  11. I would definitely check your bolts. Unles that hinge os busted, I don't see how you would have 2 inches of play.
  12. Looking great!! Any more progress on this? I love these threads. I just picked a 71. Welder in the mail and am ready to get to gettin'. On your windshield, did they just use a universal moulding??
  13. Gotta love the Great Place. Been here for about 5 years now. Love your car. I have the JTR kit, but not the books, may have to hit you up on that at some point. This sure is one heck of a helpful website
  14. Thanks Mike. Austin is not far at all I just need to get me a 183A Toll Pass. Hate the mailing system . I am super excited to get to work on this thing, but landed myself in bed yesterday after some minor foot surgery. Now I can only read online and think about what I will be doing.
  15. Good to know, I was wondering about that Saved me a search.
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