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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses. I have one more question and I don't want to ask stupid questions. But I'm expecting this build to go pretty easy. I'm just worried about the head so Just to double check the head should bolt rite on. ?
  2. I have a 77 280z with dual SU carbs. I want to get some more power out if the motor and still drive it daily. I wanted to go to an oversized flat top piston, a shaved .080 P90 head, a stage 3 Schneider cam, a forged crank, and a new header. I was wondering what compression I should expect from the motor and could I still run 91 pump gas? Also will the motor run hot I'm running a 3 row 1 inch core aluminum radiator. Lastly could anyone tell me the HP I expect out if this setup. -Thank you
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