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  1. the dome light is available for sale on our site and ebay. its cheaper on our site, we have to put the price up on ebay to cover all the fees. the lens is frosted so you dont see through. ill have pictures of the white lens shorty. ..: Klearz : Datsun :..
  2. amber would be all one solid color. jdm is red/amber/clear
  3. yeah, im glad you asked, there was a coding mistake, the first 'amber' at 300$ is suppose to be the USDS style (OEM colors). Clear or solid colors is 200$. JDM is 350$ and USDS is 300$ Rubber floor mats are too big for us to cast.
  4. If its just the dom lens then that's perfect. If someone sends a donor we can get started right away. For the car mats, they already seem to be available everywhere? For those who want to send a donor, pls pm or email. The website is ..: Klearz :..
  5. all the suggestions are great.keep them coming. The dom light will be 30$ for a clear or white lens. 35$ for smoked or any other colors. 2sixTZombii i might take you up on that offer. so are you guys interested in just the lens or housing and bezel as well? here is one i found on ebay with a custom bezel. Datsun 70 73 240Z Interior Map Light w New Billet Trim Piece 260z 280z | eBay a pillars might be feasible but because of size, we would need to confirm there is demand for it. as well as confirmation of the length of them. would you guys want them smooth or same texture as OEM? Do these come in black only or other colors? Fusible Link Holders looks very interesting, found one on ebay here that shows the inside well Datsun 280z Ignition Fusible Link Box Nice | eBay We could make the body with the 4 metal clips inside so its easy for you guys to wire it up. If someone can send us a good body, we would get started on this one right away. Under hood inspection light looks to be metal ( we dont do metal ). and while we are making more and more led products, this has a few too many parts for us to all assemble by hand. antenna mount rubber sounds very interesting as well. could not find a pic of it but should be simple enough. we would need an original in good condition to reproduce. the bushings, im not sure, we stay away from suspension components but if they are needed for something else, it might be possible. making interior kits might be interesting but if they are already some available out there, I'm not sure we're interested, even if they are not great quality. also making seat covers for resale is hard. they are often installed by DIYers, and no offense, but most of them, don't know how to install seat covers properly. as well, the foam can be worn differently on different seats, which affects the fit. custom upholstery is always better. we are not setup to do molded carpets and custom carpets is something that is done inside the car, gluing it down etc, so again, selling a kit for a small business like us is not really an option. we could do car mats easily but that's probably about it for carpets. we could embroid a nice logo in there too.
  6. We will make it in white also. I was just wondering what the 'clear' folks would prefer. Can you post a pic of the map light?
  7. Is this the dome light you guys were talking about ? I (Tina) just starting taking over the business side of Klearz which leaves Jason more time to take care of production. Turns out he's already working on a dome light for the Datsun. This is the first lens that turned out. Its frosty, is that something you guys might like? We were thinking of doing more work to this to get it crystal clear. Opinions are most welcome.
  8. Knob and levels also soung like a great option. Can you guys post specific years/model and maybe a pic?
  9. A dome lens is right up our allay. As long as its not currently produced we could produce one very quickly. Would anyone be willing to send a donor? We would return it plus a free reproduction. We can make it in clear, smoked, white or any other color. We work with clear and opaque resin (plastic). We have also reproduced model tires (rubber) so we could also make other rubber parts. We dont touch engine gaskets or door seals (usually too big). But we could do things like light gaskets or something of similar size. As well we dont do chrome, the nature of our business is to manufacture everything in house to avoid delays and quality control issues. We also do automotive uphostery, so things that can be shipped in (steering wheel) is another service we have to offer. As for the ashtray lid, isnt someone else already working on that? We have no intentions to under cut anyone. I know getting tooling done overseas can take a long time, just because we can release a new product in just a few weeks, doesnt mean we want to beat others to the market. We are simply here to fill the gaps, not compete.
  10. i think a-pillar is a little bigger then we want like to work with. whats the dimensions? maybe a pic
  11. Hey guys. Klearz is back in the Z scene, ready to serve you. As some of you know we already produce many lenses for Datsuns, but we are looking at filling some more gaps. We can also reproduce any small plastic parts, doesn't have to be clear. But we don't do chrome. We do all our casting in house, so there are no long delays usually associated with overseas production. We can also get away with doing much smaller runs. Small projects can be started with some interest from the forum and donor parts, that's about it. Bigger pieces like tail lights might need a bit more organizing. Let me know what you guys think Please let me know if this post goes against forum rules.
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