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    72 240Z with L-28 swap. Engine is modified, 5 speed tranny and r-200 rear end. Willwood brakes, Corbeau seats, custom paint.

    87 Toyota Supra with 2JZ swap. E-85, 272 cams, billet 67 turbo, much more

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  1. This is my first post on this forum. I have a high compression L-28, it's the n-42 block with the E-88 head. The engine was built by previous owner. This is my first Z-car. He wasn't very helpful on giving me a list of the mods done to the engine. It has Comp 280 cams. Venolia pistons. Arzona Racing headers, I also believe ported head and ? larger valves. I wanted to make sure he had the Carb set correctly (Holley 390). So I asked the local import shop to put her on the wideband and to please do a compression check. The average compression was 260 lbs per cylinder. He recommended running high octane fuel because she was pinging. I filled her up with 111 octane gas, and she loves the stuff. No obvious pinging, but expensive to run. I now realize many here think that having a Holley is in bad taste. (didn't know that until I met a couple of the local Z guys). The Holley is very easy to adjust and with the car running so well, I am not in a hurry to change it. I am thinking strongly about changing her to E-85 though, due to cost of race gas. How high of compression ratio is this? Any else this high. The numbers really surprised me and my mechanic. E-85 anyone??