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  1. I think (hope) you mean a11-600-000. I'de like $75 + shipping for one. Give me a zip and I'll let you know the postal ground cost.

    Contact me at z240@shaw.ca or call if you want to chat 403 620-8570.

  2. So how much for a a11-600 600?

  3. Every time I google 280z ecu replacement I find that they have to match. I thought this meant the numbers, or lot numbers or something. I guess I just read into it too much. Thank you all for the info. The afm does belong to the z (look at first post), so I'll just get the right ecu. Anyone reading this that has a a11-600 000 for sale pm me. If not its off to eBay. Thanx again guys.
  4. Can some please answer my question about "matching" ecu and afm...
  5. We just pick up the z and just got it "almost road worthy". So no miles on her yet by us. Plugs were almost fouled and very black.
  6. Ok, we were talking about this in the engine section but I figured this might be a beter section for my problem. I have an ecu from a 2.4 in my 280z... Some research shows that it is from a maxima. I have 2 questions: -Is it safe to leave this ecu in the z? -If not, if I replace it with the right ecu how do I match it to my afm? I have searched this "matching" topic and have not received a def answer. Some say it is not the a11 number but the real Nissan part number to match. I cannot find this 10 didgit part number anywhere.... Only what is on the stickers... I was told the "right" ecu is a11-600 000. This seems to be accurate. Manual trans. Current ecu sticker: A11-602 240 Lot: 7728 For: L24 Current AFM: A31-060 001 Lot: 7523 Q For: L28 Than you.
  7. I know the ecu is not the cause of the fuel cut-out, but I still want to fix it if it is not right. I have read that the ecu and afm should match. Is this necessary? What numbers do I need to match up on the afm and ecu? The lot numbers? My afm says for l28, so that's alteast correct. And I still believe that the ecu harness is original, but I will conform with a pin out test. One more question. Is the fuel pump relay the one directly above the ecu? The FSM says it is part of a big relay, the main relay, but I cannot locate it. As far as the fuel pump goes I have run the pump without the engine running. Every time the pump sounds ok and it builds around 35 psi. I have done this numerous times. t runs at 30psi
  8. The ecu plug looks like it could have been changed. I'm going to go cut the tape and find out. I'm 99% sure it's 100% org motor. The fuel cut out is not the afm. I had the black cover off when it died and the fuel pump contact was fine. I even moved it done to be sure. I think it's the relay. Update: ecu plug looks org. No splices at all. There should be a lot of black and green wires right? Engine says L28 on block. No O2 sensor.
  9. I have been going over the whole car recently. I checked the ecu connections and found it has been replaced at some point in the past. The ecu has junk yard writing on it. First indication I saw that it wasn't original. The sticker says: Part #- A11-602-240 For - L24 My car is a 77 280z 4-speed manual. That seems to be from a 810 maxima. Is this ecu ok to keep in the 280? The reason I was checking things is because sometimes the car will stall. I installed a fuel pressure gauge after the filter. The fuel pressure slowly goes from 30psi while running, to 0 when it stalls randomly.
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