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    240z floor mats

    Does anyone know how I could get Amco floor mats for my Z?
  2. I have no rubbing with the +10 .. I have about 5mm before touching the spring.
  3. The stock motor is in the car. Need to change my spring. Hope that helps with the height. when i got the car it had the flairs . Guys with 17x8.5 how do they fit .. cause my 8 just makes it i have about 4mm to hit the s prings on the rear. post pictures.
  4. So this is what I got now. RBR 16X8 +10 with Hankook V12 225/50 rear. RB 16X7 +4 with 205/55 front ... No spacers and the center cap fits with no problems. To all RBR 16X8 center cap will not fit ... Hope the picture will help.
  5. On 16X8 smashing will not help the cap needs about 20MM longer to fit. I dont know about the 17 inch.
  6. My rims are RBR 16X8 + 10 this rim WILL NOT fit the front hub they are made for the rear of the car you could use them without the center cap.. Dont make the same mistake I did. But The RB 16X7 will fit the hub....
  7. To all here is the TRUTH about Rota RB rims. I’m surprised the all that have stagger rims on their Z can’t see the different on the rims for them self and share this information with others. Rota RB 16X7 +4 or +10 will fit the Z front hub with no problem.. But if you go to 16X8 +4 or +10 they are a totally DIFFERENT rim they are call Rota RBR which this rim will NOT fit the Z front hub. I wish I knew this information before I bought these rims. I hope this will help other Z cars owners
  8. For the guys that the caps fit. How deep are your caps? My is about 20mm and to the tads 30mm
  9. Im all original don't fit. Need about 1/2to 5/8 on the cap. i have 16x8 +10. I even put a 6mm spacer.Didn't help. question. with 6mm do i need to change the studs? I called Rota to see if they sell different size caps .
  10. For the guys that the center cap fits . Do you have the original hub or after market?
  11. Also tried with a 6MM spacer. Didnt fit.
  12. Got the rims center cap didn't fit .:-(
  13. Jeff G. I like this tire Direzza ZII in a 225/45R16. i may go with it.
  14. I ordered the Rota RBR 16x8 + 10 all around should get them in a few days. Now looking for tires . lets see what i get when i put the rims on the car.
  15. When i went to order them yesterday . They said the front cap won't fit.
  16. I guess I'm looking for a miracle.
  17. My problem is i wouldnt want to roll or use spacers. And I hate that the center caps cant be used.
  18. Ok now Im changing mind 17X7 Toyo 225-45-17 center cap fits.
  19. really i didnt know that . i guess it looks nice but i like to drive fast. maybe i should do 16X7 all around. more thinking for me . thank you
  20. I just went to order the Rota RB 16X7 +4 front and 16X8 +4 but they said the front cap wont fit on the hub. PoP's you had no problem with your RB?
  21. Ksechler nice set up too.. maybe 205/45 front and back 215/50 ?