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  1. Hi everyone. I pulled the plug and removed my tach and tried to bypass the harness and wire the tach with just the three wires and found out the car will not start without the harness plugged in. Can I keep the harness plugged and just tie into the wires that make the tach function? Thanks Tony
  2. I just checked my timing and its looks like the crank pulley goes in and out about a 1/8 of an inch. I never saw that on any car except now. I know that there is a spacer in there. Could that make the crank pulley move like that? The crank bolt is on and I rechecked the torque and is correct. Thus anyone one have the same thing going on? or is this something normal for the 75 280z? THANKS.
  3. Thanks for your reply Zed Head! Its too bad for us there isn't a kit for the Z's. Maybe a lot of owners would like to get one for themselves. I wonder if the 350z tranny would fit with some kind of special made bell housing? Anyway, thanks again.
  4. Hey Wade! I wish I did own some stocks! Just would like to have a modern 6spd that's all. thanks
  5. Thanks Captain Zero. Do you know which wires from the tach go to distributor and coil and resister? I don't know if any of the wires is connected to resistor.I do know one of the wires is connected to a light source. B great if you can help! Thanks again.
  6. Thanks Capt. Zero for your response on the struts and the tach issue. I thought the struts were sealed but wouldn't hurt to put a little oil to keep them cool. Thank you again.
  7. Thanks Durango for ur response regarding the struts. My tranny is getting old and I thought to replace it with another 5spd, maybe I can install a 6spd. But you r right. Don't need to go 130mph. : ) Thanks again.
  8. Hey guys! good to b back. just want to say to everyone who helped me with my alternator swap getting the wiring right a big thank u! Alternator is working great! I need to know how u could bypass the four wires harness to my tach. Not working, so I'm trying to get it to work again. Also is there a 6spd tranny that will bolt up to my 280z? Installing rear struts, does anyone know how much oil and what kind of oil the struts take?
  9. Thank you SteveJ. I hooked the wires like u mentioned and almost everything worked, that is the good news is that the alternator is good and charging the battery. No sparks or smoke naywhere that I can see. Even the lights,wipers worked alot better. Ok,nuff of that! when I turned the key to turn off the motor , the motor would not turn off. According to the info I got on the swape looks like I need to ge t a diode from Radio Shack and solder it to the T connection. Not a problems as long as it works. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Yes I agree with you. I'll b checking out some wires and hope to find the right one. Thanks again!
  11. Hey thanks for your reply Zed Head! I used a digital multimeter. It works well and with it I was able to track down pins 1,2,3,4 on the 76 harnes. Trying to find the one wire I need to hook the 1 pin and 5 pin. The 2,3 pin are there and hooked up. When I checked in the electrical section on my Haynes manual for the color code wire, it showed a grn/red wire. I hooked up to it and battery was not charging and was loosing amps. the battery is fully charged at 12.73 volts and when I start the engine , it drops down to 11.33 and keeps going down. Just need to find the correct wire and it should work well. I don't know if the wire harnes is the same as a 240z one is. I won't give up since those new ztherapy carbs are working so well and its a blast to drive the car. Thanks again for the info.
  12. Yes, I made sure that it was not for a turbo 1981zx modle. I had them make sure it was for 81zx 60amp. Like the swape over the one I bought is bigger and has all the right stuff for the swape and it does say on the instructions that it has internal regulator. I was try to find the correct wire to splice into the number one pin but could not find it. I tracked two white wires and checked them out with a multimeter to check continuity and still didn't find the correct wire to hook it up. The other two wires 2,3 are fine, but 1 is missing. Trying to locate today with multimeter. The 76 harnes is almost the same except I can't find the wir that goes to the starter solidnoid. Love ur car. Thank you for your reply.
  13. yes it was. I have a 76 harnes that I bought a few yrs back and that harnes has six wires for the six pins. I thought I might install that harnes in. If I don't , maybe ren-stall old alternator and see if I can find mecahanic that can tdo the swape for me. I sure would like to do myself and save money for other things I like to get for my Z.
  14. Just joined the zclub and have a major problem. Installed 81zx 60amp alternator and my hook-up to the regulator had only 5 pins wired, not six like the change over showed. HOOKED UP the alternator and battery is not charging. Could any one help please? my 50amp was not charging like I wanted. I have a genneric stereo and speakers not hi-tech stuff and no heavy loads on the system.:disappoin:paranoid: Forgot to tell u folks that I have a 75 280z modified to three screw su's done by ztherapy. Thanks again.