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  1. Thanks for posting all of this, VERY good reference. Excellent restore! You're also one of the only early "series 2" cars I've seen posted in depth. My car has always confused me as I have the S1 center console, S1 seats, S2 rear hatch and S2 c pillar/side vents. My SN is 43xxx, fairly close to yours. One very interesting thing to note on my car, that I've never seen posted or mentioned anywhere, for my shifter cutout/hole in the tunnel, it is actually a S2 cutout with a spot welded in block off to make all the S1 parts fit, rubber boot, center console, etc. I noticed this when I converted to 5 speed, dreading that I had to cut my chassis, I only had to drill out 4 spot welds and the panel popped out perfect and the S2 rubber boot dropped in.
  2. http://newprotest.org/projects/510/jasonGrayDistributor.pl
  3. narth327

    Sold on LEDs

    thats why i have my leds in the back, they glow and backlight the gauges evenly with no hot spots. they are not blinding at all, i have a led dimmer that works properly, so i can set it as dim or bright as i want.
  4. narth327

    Sold on LEDs

    heres mine, i didnt like the hotspots that the replacement wedge bulbs created, so i used LED strips instead, giving me perfect and even light distribution. the pics show a fairly blue light, but thats because the camera phone couldnt handle the white balance correctly, i chose a fairly neutral to natural color. also forgot to put in the signal indicator shields at the time. pretty sure i used these, if not, the brighter ones https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/flexible-led-strip-lights/led-strip-lights-12v-led-tape-light-with-lc2-connector-114-lumens-per-ft/1464/ i use a pwm dimmer, took it out of the enclosure and stuck it in the stock location. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/single-color-dimmer-switches/ldk-8a-12-24-volt-dc-single-color-led-dimmer/62/365/
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