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  1. The models in zip files may go up to 100mb easily so there is no need of uploading them in this site Anyways, thanks, Mike! I can do some renders for the website already if you want, just tell me how you want it to look.Although it's just unfinished body, it may look ok
  2. seems to be latest version I can see on my hard drive apillarsin.rar ? RGhost ? ?????????????
  3. 240-basic geometry 240det-detailed( smoothed x1) 240det1-detailed( smoothed x2) the first one should work fine and for the second one I'm not sure if it will open at all. Same with the last one. But you should have a try. The model is not closed ( "water untight") so I don't think its okay for 3d printing. Also watch the scale, most likely it's not okay either. The website doesn looke like prefer eating .zip archives DropMeFiles ? ?????????? ????????????? ??? ??????????? Ñêà ÷à òü z.zip z.zip ? RGhost ? ????????????? ????????????? ska4ay.com tell me if you know a better file storage of want me to re-upload the file
  4. Actually no progress.Been learning a lot of new software and still learning. Also school takes a lot of time and maybe I will remake the model in a very different and easier way.But I don't think that will happen soon.Attaching last renders I got from it. I will try to convert it to .stl but not sure about the quality.Wait a few days and if convertion will be ok the model wil be right here.
  5. the one on turbosquid is bad,look at the rear lights there are pretty many 240's in 3d made,but the aim of my project was to make something nobody has never made Datsun 240Z | SMCars.Net - Car Blueprints Forum Datsun 280zx 2+2 Targa | SMCars.Net - Car Blueprints Forum //Don't do updates because finishing the blazer
  6. Blue, yea sure but not now.These parts were already made so I've just attached em. When the mesh is finished I will let you guys to create your own ideas.As Stanley said,"stance and paint combinations, engine mods and swaps, racing models, etc. How about a drag car with wheelie bars and an L-series engine with a belt-driven blower? Or a rally car with roll cage, mud flaps, bull bars, a turbo, and mud spatters?".Drag,drift,rally,stance,different types of body-you will just tell me what you want to see,and we'll decide which version to do.You can even do some drawings to show me the idea.About the drawings-having a programm that can edit image files(the best for now is photoshop) you will be able to create your own paint-combinations. Too many "will be",for now I just need to end up the chassis.Everything else shouldn't go this long.We'll see then
  7. Live in fear since this moment LОL
  8. Thanks a lot!!These pictures are enough for me,no need to take more
  9. first I will make all the symmetrical parts,because I work on the half of the body.Then I will symmetryze it and work on assymetrical parts
  10. Can't find referals of this part.Can you help me?
  11. yup,thickness.That's polygonal modelling so I have to handle both sides of metal,so I need to maintain distance between 2 sides
  12. I'm back working on it!
  13. I won't be able to update the project for some time so here is an old picture-having fun in mudbox
  14. Sorry guys,was on a vacation and didn't even have internet there. On the 4th of July of 2012 I have created this thread.So the model is 1 year old,he-he. During this year we've alsmost finished the symmetry of the chassis(as the car is assymetrical,first I'll do all the symmetrical parts), done a lot of beautiful renders,and the most interesting thing is that this progress is the least I can do.Of course the mesh has it's cracks and bumps and that is being fixed during the time.I've been parallely learning softimage XSI and Arnold renderer(all the beautiful renders are from this programm and this plugin),and XSI has enormous opportunities in every aspect.Just look at these videos-they were made in XSI by some talented people: http://vimeo.com/46490225 http://vimeo.com/54739307 enough said.Here you go.All they are 1920*1080
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