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  1. Here's a couple more images showing the pieces installed in the molding. Let me know if you have any - thanks!
  2. Oh wow, Siteunseen! Those look like the ones! I'm going to order a couple and I'll report back on this thread whether they're the right size. Thank you!
  3. Thanks. I found a few listings at zcarsource.com but they aren't in stock and didn't have the type I needed, unfortunately.
  4. Hi everyone. Unfortunately the guy who was painting my car lost two of the flat tips for my trim molding (picture attached). I'm in need of at least two of them - does anyone have any for sale? Thanks!
  5. I read about the Honda wiper motor upgrade... that's a possibility, but I thought it'd be worth trying to get my current system working well enough to at least pass inspection first. I even saw a thread recommending plenty of RainX to get things moving!
  6. Hi everyone, I recently tried to get my 1978 280z inspected, but the wipers were so painfully slow they wouldn't pass it. I did some reading and ended up removing the motor to diagnose the problem. My understanding is that it was likely one of two things: Motor turning too slowly Linkage stuck or too tight After removing the motor and checking everything out, it seems to me that the motor is moving plenty fast, and the linkage moves very easily by hand as well. I've uploaded a small video showing the motor speeds here: Does everything seem normal? If so, any other ideas on why it's wiping so slow once everything is put back together? Thanks!
  7. I looked at the MSA site, and saw that they do have the chrome finishers, but didn't see any of the plastic clips... I wish I could charge my body guy for losing that thing - I had no idea it would be so hard to track one down! : (
  8. If you do, Steve, that would be fantastic!
  9. Hi Everyone, I've got a 1978 280z that I'm in the process of restoring - unfortunately, when I got it back from my paint and body guy, I found that he'd neglected to put back on the clip that screws in with the arm rest in order to attach the chrome finisher (see the pic below). I've tried to locate one online, but have had no luck. Does anyone know what this part is called and where I can find one? Thanks in advance! Luke Austin, TX
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