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  1. Hey classicz'ers. We have been asked a few times for long overdue photo's of our pre-made Datuns engine swap harnesses. We finally got them shot and up on our site. You can see them below as well. Here is a little quick description of each harness: This Wiring Specialties Engine Harness is designed for a direct drop-in installation into any year DATSUN with an S14 SR20DET engine. Each Pre Made Harness is built to order and will save you time, improve engine performance, give your engine bay a factory look and comes equipped with our Turn Key Start-Up Guarantee! Suitable for the following Datsun's: 1200, 1500, 1600, 2000, 510, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to post! S13 SR20: http://wiringspecial...srtoanyda1.html S14 SR20: http://wiringspecial...srtoanyda1.html RB25: http://wiringspecial...3rbtoanyda.html Other: http://wiringspecial...m/da51stap.html
  2. If you need any wiring done, we offer pre-made plug and play engine harnesses for S13 Redtop and S14 Blacktop swaps. If you are going with an S15 Blacktop, we have a wiring service for that as well.
  3. Old thread but for anyone looking, RB30 is a great choice. You can make reliable, big power that is smooth and pick up gobs of torque. I am running a stroked RB30 in my S14 and I have no regrets. Anyone looking, we can wire up any RB into you Z. Give us a shout.
  4. Hey again everyone Since this is the group buy section, I would like to see if there is enough interest out there for a group buy for our Datsun harnesses. Below are our current Datsun offerings. This coming year we plan on expanding the Datsun line up to include a few more engine harnesses. These harnesses are direct replacement harness that are plug and play. S13 SR to ANY Datsun : $399 S14 SR to ANY Datsun : $435 RB25 to ANY Datsun : $549 We also have a wiring service (send in a core to be modified) for RB26 swaps if there is anyone out there attempting one. If you would be interested in making a group buy, please leave your name below.
  5. This is from early last year when the motor was still 3.1L
  6. Hey again everyone. This is my personal project and my company demo car that we have been slowly building for some time. In the link is the 2010 setup when were were running a stroked RB30 to 3.1L. This past summer the block was sent out to a shop in Chicago where it has been stroked even further to 3.2L. We hope to have it back in the car early this coming year and get it out for some driving once again. To our knowledge, there is only 1 other 3.2L RB in North America. It is an S13 out in Chicago that we wired up last year. A few details: 3.2 L RB30 Twin HKS GTRS 740cc Nismo injectors Aussie Rods and Wiseco Pistons AEM The head is an RB25 head for the RB26 manifolds. I really wanted to stick with cast iron reliability. I had a few manifolds crack on my SRs, till i went with a Fullrace custom unit. These came with the Turbo kit, so i am running stock manis and needed to re-drill the head. No problems and was done when the head was being worked on for the RB30 install. Power comes on very linear and has been very reliable. On stock RB30 cams and a conservative tune I made the following: Made 380WHP and 390 Tq at 9 lbs of boost Made 545 WHP and 550 tq at 20 lbs on 94 octane With aftermarket cams and a more aggressive tune for the track, should be able to make 600 whp at about 20-22 lbs psi. View our RB powered S14 Kouki here. Will post up more pics here as we get the new block back and get back to working on the car. If you have any questions about the build or just want to comment, don't hesitate to post up.
  7. Hey everyone My name is Yury Lyalko and I run Wiring Specialties - Nissan/Datsun Wiring Harnesses. We are a shop based in CT with over 10 years under our belts and thousands of harnesses created to date. We started by making custom Nissan wiring harnesses for SR20 swaps into 240sx's. Now a days we feature a full line of pre-made, brand new, plug and play harnesses (main engine and lower) for a variety of Nissan's and Datsun's. We just recently got into the Datsun scene last year with a few stand alone harnesses but this year we are looking to dive into it even more. I've been a fan of Nissans and of the 240sx for about 2 decades now and an owner for over a decade. My current Nissan is a 1997 S14 that is powered by a stroked RB30 (3.2L). The motor is currently with a shop in Chicago. IL where the latest stroke is being done. Last year we ran 3.1L and made god hp and tq on a very low boost setting. Anyways, thanks for looking. Looking forward to chatting with you all some more.
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