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  1. codyibanez

    Opinion On MSA Exhaust Equipment

    update! just painted the exhaust tubing with high temp ceramic paint. and love the outcome
  2. codyibanez

    Opinion On MSA Exhaust Equipment

    got the parts ordered! hehehehehe i cant wait for the install day! >
  3. codyibanez

    Opinion On MSA Exhaust Equipment

    thanks for all your help! ill try and post pics when its done
  4. codyibanez

    Opinion On MSA Exhaust Equipment

    Looking into doing performance exhaust on the '77 280z, my choice right now is MSA 3 to 2 header TBC coated with smog fittings http://www.thezstore.com/store/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TZS&Product_Code=15-6011CH and MSA performance exhaust http://www.thezstore.com/store/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TZS&Product_Code=15-6021 Has anyone had experience with these products and if so whats your honest opinion? And as a side note if anyone knows of any threads on how to install these parts, or tricks that you know of for installation, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. codyibanez

    Hot start -_-

    i run chevron super. and ill look into a zx fan
  6. codyibanez

    Hot start -_-

    thanks for all the help. glad to know im not alone on this! looks like it is just how Z's act. oh well!
  7. codyibanez

    Hot start -_-

    I know there have been 48 million posts on this subject but i just need simple answers/opinions. i have a 1977 280z 5 speed all original. after driving and left for 15 ish minutes the car will either start and run at roughly 400 rpm or more recently it will start sputter and die. now iv heard this may be vapor lock or a problem with the cold start injector. either way what can i do to solve this problem? iv heard of wrapping the fuel rail to make sure it doesnt get to hot, and heard about disconnecting the cold start injector. i need help! this is a very embarrassing problem and id love to solve it as soon as possible. thanks!
  8. I own 1977 280z looking to rebuild the motor. I was considering having bills datsun perform the rebuild. For ant oregon members, do you know anything about bills? anything that you know would help. Thanks!
  9. codyibanez

    Odd Noise From Transmission

    Thanks for all of your suggestions and help. over the next couple weeks illl be trying to find and replace the culprit
  10. codyibanez

    Odd Noise From Transmission

    the car wil even make the noise out of gear at 2800 it sounds like its coming from almost behind the climate control
  11. codyibanez

    Odd Noise From Transmission

    and the car gets driven regularly. bout 4 or 5 times a week
  12. codyibanez

    Odd Noise From Transmission

    I changed the fluid and found no shavings and when i changed the fluid i filled it to the fill hole with redline mtl. and the noise is always at 2800 in any gear
  13. I just recently bought a '77 280z 5 speed all original drivetrain nothing swapped in or out. Occasionally when driving at about 2800 rpms i get a noise from what seems to be coming from the transmission tunnel that sounds like a whining puppy. Any ideas on the culprit? Or is it nothing to be concerned with?
  14. codyibanez

    Datsun 280Z

    Datsun 280Z

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