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  1. I got the 71 240z with a five speed upgrade...when i hit about 65mph in 5th gear iam getting this vibration thats deep and loud...so far we did,,new u joint and rebalanced the driveshaft...new halfshaft u joints..wheel bearings were done last year by PO...Has anyone seen this before? whats next is the rear...Any ideas/HELP....thank you
  2. Yes planning on leaving the tranny in...I have a 70 with 140k on the clock??? compression is like 125-130 on all 6....so a friend has this 73 with a rebuild engine.so goes the story??? what is normal compression like 150+? did not get a chance to do the test on his engine but Iam thinking of doing a swap...OR does anyone know of a nice tight motor for sale in nyc area.. Should I try to find a later p79 from a 81 and rebuild it??? dont know what is the best way to approch this...Any ideas? not looking to add the headache of tir webers....SU are fine with me...any input or help is welcome!
  3. Hello,,,new to the z world and need to pull a engine from a 72 for a friend...My question is, do you have enough room to move the engine forward after removing all bolts from bell housing to clear the imput shaft from the clutch ....OR is it like jags that you need to remove the engine and tranny as one unit? THANK YOU!
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    Glove box

    A 71,,looks like card board
  5. mikerosa

    Glove box

    Hello ,,,The P.O. removed the glove box to replace the blower. never installed a new glovebox..I took a quick look and cant see how this fits in...Is there any special thing i need to do....it does not go in from the front and cant seem to fit from the rear...this is just that cardboard box...Any tips? THANKS
  6. well they moved those mega-speaker cars to there own show! you may have a enjoyable weekend...
  7. mikerosa


    were in new york??? I have the same in the that color....Iam in the white plains area,,,hope its close...
  8. thanks guys! is there a new york z club ?
  9. YES NO CORE and 300 for shipping>>not looking for a monster motor ...260 engines are higher hp stock then 240's right?
  10. Can someone tell me the differance between the 240 and 260 engines ? hp? has anyone had any experience with these rebuilt engines from Datsun LLC in California,,completly rebuilt with head for 2k +shipping...seems like the way to go,, R AND R and no bull from local machine shops that dont work on these engines on a regular bases...or does anyone have a machine shop they use and are happy with in the White plains new york area... THANKS
  11. Well like i said before...dont want some guy who always want a z or had one years ago to get hammered...when i first saw that car i thought it was a parts car..fred flintstone would have loved it...this guy screwed over many ..that is his third ebay account...he re-vin ed a 1800s as a 71.....the poor guy shipped it to california, paid 10k, then went for inspection discovered he can't register it....so he has a 12k paperwieght...Thats just wrong! so I hope they throw his arse in jail...BTW ebay would not help the buyer...