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  1. Thank you daddz and Alan.

    Yes this color finish is not original.Moroe- san has a strong polcy for this black paint.It is dualable so much he said.And plated engine mounts,not only these Moroe-san love to aplpy plating because it is dualable too.Good for preventing rust.

    I wish this water side hose become braided,Moroe-san has huse collection of early parts so I think he does.

    Alan,is your mail adress good ? I wanted to send P.M. for you about Z and lots of things.


  2. Hello Alan,

    Thank you for your input.That is what I want.I too understand it is not safe to say "this is 100% sure" according old color picture.I love this grey very much though.

    This Z432 has S20-000884!! Very near from your 432R's engine.Yes this car registered Jan 1970,I found tach and speed meter and lots of parts dated 44(1969)and some 45(1970). The dash is stamped 26 DEC 1969,after the X'mas day is not it?

    This car is PS30-00088 and S20-000884.Lots of "8" I love it. In japan,8 means good thing.I can not exprain it in english for now.Could you help me Alan.


  3. Hello Chris and dadds,

    This valve cover's color is correct for 1970 S20 engine.I can see this color in the some magazines issued jan or feb 1970.

    I was told this color "greenish" is the second , the earliest S20 is "blackish".

    I think this is almost right. And there is a factory RED one this is the third and final,I do not know for this.I am not for sure.

    Alan can give an answer for us !!

    I am doing post a new thread for HLS30 and PS30/comparison between these early 1970 cars.


  4. Hi,Alfadog,do you remember my post about Mr.Matsuo's autograph hiding a hole of mirror?I did a great job,but what a sad thing is due to aging,I mean sun-light and vapor get turned the autograph dissapear!!So I replaced it to a national flag of the U.S.I did not mean anything,just I have got a saficiant sticker in my box.

    Do not worry,I have got 2 more Mr.Matsuo's autographs!!

  5. Thank you every body,I am so glad this photo is looking good for many people.Maybe some one would tell me "do not do that",but my Z had got exterior washed by car wash service at Hilton parking lot.Please forgive me,I was so busy for the detailing,I could not have time to polish by myself.$120 for 3 year protection is not so bad!

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