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  1. I would like to share this , Dr. Nakagawa , a former executive of Prince motor company . He was joined Nakajima aircraft company and was an engineer of engines for fighter aircraft during WW2 , he refreshed “Sakae” engine for Zero fighter, also he was a chief engineer of designing “ Homare “ engine for Shiden- Kai . After the war , he made cars and engines with a lot of engineers who used to make military aircraft and engines at Prince motor company. Dr. Nakagawa had always highly admired engineers and craftsman who were never credited to the public , he said they were so genius. He said he designed with confidence, but sometimes he was corrected by craftsman of casting “need to change here and there ..” Dr . Nakagawa said in his book , “ No matter how the design is perfect, we can’t have it without craftsman who make it real . “ I can see why S20 engine is different from others , this engine was born from and given aircraft spirits by those engineers. S20 has a lot of bolts to secure its head and block , well taking care of for oil and water running even under the stressful G force effect. Kats
  2. I would like to show this , my NOS S20 head compared to my used spare one. I found the used spare one had had the hand work in the past , you can see the surface is trimmed , and grinded smoothly . NOS one looked completely different. As I have heard this used one came from 432-R , so I guess previous owner had put some work into this engine . However, it is a subtle work ! This pictures showing an Exhaust port , intake port looked almost same for both . Kats
  3. So cool in Z’s cockpit ! I can’t believe Lotus Esprit had the console , most of the owner scratched his head ! Kats
  4. Hi grannyknot , I think this bracket is bolted with the room mirror onto the roof where the welded nuts located. I still want to know how the rear end is attached to the roof . Kats
  5. Thanks Roo and Blue , it was also available in UK ! RM 710 is the top model , the most expensive one . The one on eBay UK is so clean , still expensive ! Kats
  6. This is it ! Thanks Blue . Panasonic is National, like Datsun by Nissan . Do you often see these on eBay ? So cool , thanks posting the picture. Kats
  7. I want this because I may want to feel something “ cockpit “ after I retired from flying. And I would be able to tell my future grandchildren “ your grandpa used to fly jets “ in my Z’s cockpit. Kats
  8. Nice !! Thank you wheee! ! It is very similar to the one in Japan . Kats
  9. Thanks again , Mark , I see . I now want this for my car 😍 Kats
  10. Thanks Mark , how about in the 80’s ? Kats
  11. Here is more about “ National Cockpit “ https://ameblo.jp/mach-gyo/entry-11887433930.html It is an audio device hanging on the roof , using a room mirror basement . Kats
  12. Hi , now Nostalgic Hero vol.192 is on sale , this time featuring Fairlady Z . I found this unique device , an aircraft type over head console for Zs . I remeber this was so fascinating on cars not only for sports car but also for sedans etc . It was like everyone wants to put it on their roof . Was this type of console popular in other countries back in 70s and 80s ? Kats
  13. Yes Gavin , S20 engines have sleeves in the cylinder bores , that is why it is very good for cooling the engine. This video is my favorite , just enjoy of the S20 music. I want to drive my Z432 like this ! But maybe I can not . What I will do is, I will use a racing alternator , a rcing starter , and an oil cooler system , and hopefully a set of racing cam . And an earliest gear driven oil pump which makes strong mechanical sound ! The driver is Mr. Kurosawa , this was taken in 2001, at his age of 61 years old. Wonderful racing driving , he was a chanpion of 1969 Japan Grandprix driving Nissan R382. He said at the end of the video , " Our factory race cars were very sharp coming up torque "boom! " from 7000 to 8500 rpm compared this car . However this car has the same sound and feeling , this car reminds me of my old days " . Kats
  14. Thanks Chris, the tool is in my show case ! Kats
  15. Is this intake valve stem guide modified ? For better air flow ? Ex valve guide looks normal .I doubt some hand work was done in the past . I feel same thing when I viewed from In / Ex port , it has slightly grinded around the hole for the stud bolt . I need to check my NOS head . About the front gear housing cases , they have a same number for each . My spare has “15” on them , because these cases were bored at the same time . Kats
  16. Hi , I looked at the cylinder block , now I understood how S20 is made . I see now water line , oil line , and each holes has each purpose. At the rear end of the block , “B73” on it . This is stamped on the every crank cap .And this code must be on the left side of the block with a brush paint which is made by quite bigger strokes . I haven’t seen it yet, so that will be my next challenge. And the oil pan , it is bigger than the L-series Engine. Max is 6 litter, I am feeling this Engine becomes nicer about oil pressure when the oil quantity less than 5 litter. Kats
  17. Jim , nice tools !! Chris , hope you get the set of tools, fantastic! Kats
  18. Hi Carl , yes we have salts everywhere in Japan !! Especially on highway entrance with slope . When I was a kid , yes cars put tires with spikes ,and whem I was a teenager , the government stopped using the tire with spikes due to the pollution of dust from the road . Recently, Nissan dealer servicemen did a nice job for my Z432. That is a clear coat for underneath of the car .I am so satisfied with it , it turned out very natural appearance, not glossy, it is very hard to tell the car had the coat. I hate salts ! Kats
  19. Nice pictures , a lot of homework ! Kats
  20. kats

    New Album

    Hi Marine240z , nice pictures!! Thank you so much, so cool you are , in a military aircraft ! And the shroud , yours is metal , right ? Mine too. this was a factory optional item from the beginning of the production (Oct 1969 ) to the car has A/C in Japnan, or some Fairlady-240ZG have equipped before left the factory. It is very good for cooling, Kameari Engine Works has made a replica made by FRP, this is also good. Kats
  21. A common trouble of the tensioner , as the bolt pushes the the collar, a plastic bush inside of the collar gradually collapsed, finally the gear scratches the collar, then break it . My spare engine’s tensioner has slightly worn out , so I will replace it with a NOS one . And the chain guide which is located between the camshafts , there is also a common trouble of cracking at the both sides of the ends . As the chain goes to be flexible, bounces on the guide , it makes the guide stressful. Courtesy Mr.Watanabe ( owner of PS30-00063 ) for the pictures which show a damage for each parts. Kats
  22. The pistons, I found a cool thing , original pistons are numbered on top face , from 1 to 6 . On the other hand, a new piston which I have is supplied from Nissan is not stamped on it . Cylinder liners are NOS . The original pistons are very nice . But I am wondering can I put original pistons into the each corresponding cylinder even if I use a set of new cylinder liners? Kats Kats
  23. A chain tensioner is adjustable manually . Don’t tight too much , no chain noise isn’t good , some noise is good for the chain. I tried to display the electrical ignition system , but I didn’t want to open the plastic bag because I have got the used complete set from the seller of the spare engine. Note : S20 comes with Mitsubishi components such as a starter/ an alternator/ a distributor/ a voltage regulator / a transistor ignitor. Kats
  24. Hi , my No.2 S20 Engine is confirmed for its good condition. I couldn’t stop myself doing this , taking a picture of the S20 gears location. I guess Alan would took same photo when he was rebuilding his S20 . People would always ended up doing this ! Note : the two chains are original , it has old type shape. We say it is Hyotan shape . Nissan provides still now but they are oval shape. Although in the illustration , the chain looks oval type. Kats
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