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  1. Fixed, it was a short on the negative side of the coil, shorting out in the dash. Whoever installed the newer distributor's splice onto the tach line was a little sloppy with some wire exposed which of course found it's way to a short. Glad I was working into the darkness yesterday and noticed the dim glow of the running lites or I would still be messing around with the ignition system...and cursing. I really appreciate the help guys - thanks. I have recommended a couple of people to you Dave for the running light relay setup and will continue to do so, it's a good solution.
  2. Thanks guys, your help is greatly appreciated. I'm gonna be working through it tomorrow.
  3. Quite sure you're right, it is the neg side shorting somewhere which is preventing the fire signal from reaching the coil. Been tracing thru the wire diagram, no ecu on my car though.
  4. The distributor and ignition module check out fine. Pick up is working and sending signal out from the ign module. However I was out working on it tonite and I noticed that when I turn the ignition on the running lites and gauge lites come on. Very curious. So I unplugged the power line to the coil and ran a wire from the battery direct to the coil so I was bypassing the ign switch. As soon as I hooked up the wire to the + coil terminal from the battery pos terminal the running lites etc came on again. WTF is going on here? Somehow the parking lights circuit is being energized from the ignition circuit. Clearly this has to be related to the problem of no spark. Go from car running fine to this, I am truly perplexed now.
  5. Thanks guys, I borrowed my neighbors multimeter and will be testing tomorrow. Cheers.
  6. Sitting at a stop light last night and the engine stops running, it will not restart despite turning over fine. Car 71 240z engine L28 round top ztherapy su's Electronic Z distributor w/E12-80 ignition module Upgraded alternator with internal voltage regulator electric fuel pump 5 speed Car was running fine, alternator charges appropriately and has plenty of gas, I am getting no spark to the plugs. Last night I swapped in my 2 separate e12 modules (kept in car as spares) did not work, had car towed home. Today I checked the fuel pump it is working and the carbs are getting gas - no spark at plugs. Here's what else I have done so far: Swapped coils with a known good one out of a running car Checked fuses, none blown verified fusible link is good cleaned all connections on battery, starter, coil, ignition switch connections cleaned dist cap and rotor swapped in new ignition switch Battery has plenty of juice, car turns over great but no spark to plugs, coil is getting power out of desperation tried spraying starter fluid just to make sure I guess it is remotely possible that all 3 of my modules are bad but that seems unlikely. This is driving me crazy does anybody have any ideas, what else can I check/replace/beat with a hammer? Thanks in advance for any input, Doug
  7. Yes I am very fond of vettes, and have had several including a C4 that I really enjoyed. Heres a pic of my daily driver (except when it rains).
  8. Thanks guys, I really like the car a lot. I've got a lot if great info from this site as well.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome. It's pouring here so I can't take anymore pics at the moment but here's a couple more. L28 F54 block with a ported E88 head, stage II cam, roller shaft Z-therapy SU's and a 5 speed, it's pretty peppy. Cheers, Doug
  10. My first post, recently got a 71 240z and I like it.
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