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  1. i have a spare wiper switch assembly and it seems that blue/white wire is for the washer. my only problem now... why are my wipers having a hard time moving?????? also it only works in "ACC" key position and not on the "ON" key position. another thing is, fast speed does not work, only slow speed.
  2. Does any body know what this blue/white(CIRCLED ORANGE) wire is suppose to be hooked up to? I was wiring up my wiper motor and there is a separate blue/white wire besides the one above. The wiring are all there... but there are TWO separate blue/white wires. (CIRCLED GREEN) Black Blue/Red(wiper switch and motor connected to fuse box w/20 amps) Blue Blue Yellow Blue/White And also when i turn on my wipers, the blades have a hard time moving up and down...
  3. the unisyn i have did not have the tiny holes fully drilled in. i drilled all the way and it now works. i just finished balancing the carbs. my only problem now is that when i pull on the choke cable, the motor wants to die or it just stalls. i've been having this problem before carb balancing too. it does the same thing even if it's cold outside. this is for an SU round top. i'll get pictures up asap. i have searched online alot and i can't seem to find anything. any answer would help alot. thank you!
  4. you two guys are from socal. me too, from SD, i just moved up to central valley for school. poly suede and houndstooth ahh yea. i'll get pictures up as soon as possible. e30 seats are a little heavier but i like them. all you really need is a metal strip to support the rear mounting bolts of the e30 seat rails unless you can weld new mounting pads.
  5. i meant under forums not home. if you go on zilvia.net it's under forums go to hybridz.org it's under forums go to rev3limited.com it's under forums go to e30tech.com it's also under forums not like here, it's on a little menu on the left. i'm just used to it, i guess.
  6. thank you. i would think it would be in the home front like most forums.
  7. after thanksgiving dinner i decide to park my car in the garage to work on some surface rust. i ended up taking the whole dash out and redoing my whole wiring and install new gauges. i started from 11pm to 3pm... all nighter also got driverside e30 sport seat in, i reupholstered myself. passenger side is not going in until i finish floor pans.
  8. is it just me? i can't find a FOR SALE section anywhere. i'm pretty new here, so take it easy on the comments. i have a 240z classic console for sale. click on craigslist link... http://merced.craigslist.org/pts/2724084042.html
  9. I just got done installing a 3 row rad. i tried installing a new temp sensor but the probe was stuck, it would not come out. my question is, will a 240z thermostat housing fit on an L28???? the part that bolts onto the motor. it seems like the previous owner used JB weld on the sensor and other bolts too. I'm assuming mine is a 240z housing because the top water outlet only has two holes to bolt it in place???
  10. thank you Walter and everyone for the info. i currently live in central valley california and it's about 80f to 100f around here. no problem warming up. yea i hate it when i go into an auto parts store and they give me that "i don't know **** about cars" look, but still able to get a job there. does anyone also know the fitting on the thermostat housing?
  11. i have no metal skills. but i'm am going to be taking welding classes in spring.
  12. http://www.xenons30.com/reference.html http://www.xenons130.com/reference.html i'm new here too.
  13. yepp. Just currently picked up a 1972 240z with an L28 f54 block, p79 head, SU carbs, and 5 speed. I had to give up my 240sx hatch redtop sr20det for something more exciting... rust. I also daily a BMW e30 that refuses to give out. i have never worked with carbs before. i just got started stripping, sanding, and undercoating my z. Removed all the sound deadening and don't forget that disgusting rug layer that looks like an empire of mold :sick:. Dealing with nuts, bolts, and screws that don't even come out. Worst so far is my passenger side floor pan support that is braking apart into rust... hopefully that is all. The whole car is rewired, but i will have to fix that...
  14. do we really need the rear engine bypass tube, rear water outlet, engine side water tube, hole on the water inlet tube, and the coolant passage way through the intake manifold for su carbs to the thermostat housing? This is with the heater hoses already out. I plan on deleting the hole shaaabammm. does anyone know the thread sizing for the above mentioned so i can go to my local home depot and by some brass fittings to plug those holes in?
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