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  1. I keep saying Thou Shalt Not Covet but it is not working after seeing these pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  2. There is a Datsun meet in Williams AZ on Saturday Oct 8th. (1983 or older) This is not far from most So Cal, AZ, Nev and surrounding states. Just 40 miles or so west of Flagstaff on I-40. Should be a fun time. I am not a sponsor but I am going and would like to see more Z's there. Free of charge. Click on the Muti State Grand Datsun Classic on the left of the main menu. Also a Japanese reporter/writer for a classic car Magazine in Japan will be there as well. Hope to see some of you there. NOTE: I am coming up from the Phoenix area if any of you want to go in a group. Please let me know
  3. Well I think I finally have the AC working correctly. What a pain. Looks like a defective compressor and then another leaky schrader valve (new one too). So this chapter is now over. Now I am going to get a new muffler so it sounds like a Z and not like a farting Giraffe. They took the muffler off and it has a resonator and no muffler. I just do not like the sound of it. I love the classic Z sound.
  4. Hey will you keep us posted on your restoration. I love the old style bodies and especially Fairlady's. My goal is to get a pre 73 fairlady. Please send some pictures Thanks
  5. This is a nice car and I saw it several years ago for sale. I still have the pictures as I down loaded them I liked it so much. He wanted $25K buy it now then so it looks like he is wanting more since it is starting at $25K and reserve has not been met. I like Fairlady Z's as I have had a 240Z and so I would love to have this BUT a bit steep for me. I have mine now that is almost as nice but I like the old body better. From the last time I read about this car it is all original as far as the engine and trany etc. If I were a Rich Man. 32000 Kilometers is only 20,000 miles. As you stated would like to know the Paul Harvey of this car. (The Rest of the Story) If I find $30K in the next few days I may bid. If not hope it goes to a good home. I have a feeling it may not sell. Maybe Jay Leno will buy it.
  6. Just an update to anyone who cares. I travel so when I got back a couple of days later my AC was hot. Found out that the High Pressure valve off the dryer was shot and all the freon leaked out there. So those are no longer available and were told illegal and so after sonsulting a AC pro we were told that the HP sensor would do the trick. Caped it off and charged it up again. Again was gone this time for 2 weeks and when I came back it was not hot but not cold either. Took it back in and there is a leak on the back of the compressor. Augghhhh!!! So I just got a replacement compressor today and it will go on on Monday. Pressures seem to be fine just getting the wrinkles out of a car that has not had AC for 25 years. T The guy in Texas is really a great guy as he is working with us and replacing the compressor and helping find the issues. Will keep you posted
  7. Hello, Got my car back today with the retrofit AC that I bought from the guy in Texas. Works well (very cold) so far but the car runs a tad bit hot. Now it might have something to do with the fact as I was driving it home the guy on the radio said the temp was 119. I will check my Antifreeze level. They had to shave the bracket down just a tad but it all worked. I think this was due to the fact that I have a Fairlady and the L20 engine. So if any of you want the info on this AC conversion please let me know. You get the compressor (with clutch) brakets to convert it a belt and fittings for your old R12 hoses. $400. About the same as what I was seeing for a real one (if I could have found the clutch) Will keep you posted. Nice to have some AC in the summer in AZ. Maybe we will hit 120 tomorrow. McKFam
  8. Thanks again. I love to learn something new. I will look and see if I can find any of the info you suggest on the forum. Great suggestions.
  9. Thanks. Well I at least my car meets the safety standards. Boy that takes a lot of worry out of my day. Actually I am glad as did not want it to be an 80 or 81. So how do you know Japanese? Anything else interesting that I need to be aware of? I know that the 130 PS is the amount of horse power but not sure what the PS stands for. Hope that it is not simple as I do not want to feel stupid but how does this compare to the 280 ZX since this is the L20 engine?
  10. Here is the tag from my Fairlady Z. I was looking at it and I can figure out most of it by the numbers but the last line is the one that intrigues me the most. I was told it was a 1979 model and by the Vin number I think that this is correct as it is fairly low BUT what is the 0 - 12 on the last line? Then I thought maybe that this was manufactured date. So made in 1980 (thus the 0) and the 12 month. December. Was a good guess? The USA cars have the month and year on them. I do not read Japanese so I do not know. Thought I would see if any of you may have a clue. Your thoughts and or guesses would be appreciated. In the mean time I will send this to some people I know in Japan and see how you do. I will let you know. Will be interesting. Also note that this tag is screwed on with 4 small screws. Glad the Vin is also stamped in the engine compartment or you could change tags with any other car. Thanks
  11. Replacing the compressor (with clutch), Dryier, Expansion valve and flushing out the system. Not sure what else but I have been told it has all the fittings and hardware for either 12 or 134. 12 is too hard to find and is real expensive. I agree not as good but not too much of a choice. Will let you know how it goes
  12. Thanks again, Talked to Norm today. Relly nice guy. He had some more pictures for the 6606. Looks like the clutch may work. On the other one, 0500 it was in Wisc and he is in Oklahoma. He had no info at all. All I could go by was what you told me. You knew more than he did. He gave me another option that he says others have done. That was from a Maxima. Saw the pictures of it and that may or may not work. Different specs I noticed on the compressor. Decided against this one. So I went to my mechanic and talked with him. I saw my clutch and the coils are fried. The bearings are not too bad but it is toast. So we talked about the options and we dicided to go with the retro kit out of Texas. That way we are pretty sure it will work and if not he will take it back and I am out nothing. If not then I have this 6606 waiting in the wings. I was afraid that it might not work. Down the road the retro will be easier to replace if needed. Also going to 134a. Hey Thanks for your help. I will let you know if this retro works and if so I could let others know where to get it for their Z's. Works with all 240-280ZX models from what he is telling me. I will find out next week. If not I will then go with plan B. Wish me luck
  13. OK I missed these. Looked through the lonnnnnnnggggggg list and was looking for "AC" compressors. I see the one (6606) that it is a MJ167 but different as you stated but I agree that the clutch should be the same. Rasonable price too. As for the other one how do you know it is a MJ167? No pictures and no reference to this. You obviously know your stuff but trying to figure out if the other one is a better fit or not. How do you know? Facinating site. Thanks for your help. I will call Norm in the morning.
  14. Thanks for your comments My mechanic told me the clutch was toast. I will keep it and may see if I can rebuild it. I found a used compressor with a cluthch that I may buy. If nothing else I can send it out to be rebuilt. As for OEM surplus that one is new to me. I looked at it and they have very few compressors none of which look to match. The only 310 listed is without clutch. It is too late to call them so I will follow up tomorrow but thanks for the tip. Good to know for other parts. What is an HLA10? I found a guy that will sell me a kit to convert it to a modern compresor. I think that is where I will have to go. He sent me the dwgs and with a slight modification being a Fairlady it looks like it will work. Just want the AC as I like to have it working and it was 110 yesterday and today here in Phoenix area. I am have having fun looking around. Learning lots. Again thanks for your help.
  15. Thanks for the tip but I talked to them last week and yesterday again as my mechanic called them too. These guys show that they have it but when you call them to get it they do not have it and want to rebuild yours. Mine is froze up and not any good. They are related to about 4 other AC guys on the net and when you call you get the same guy. Feel like that credit card guy in Siberia answering all the calls and not any help at all. All the same story. Thanks for the try. Any others? Local guys to you?
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