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    So I blew my old stock 280z l28e motor and picked up a 1981 l28et motor, im still finishing the swap and hope to get it running soon.
  1. Hey everyone I broke my dizzy cap clip does anyone know where I can get one? I've looked on line but anything that I search nothing comes up. Im in seattle, WA if anyone has any ideas where I can get one -Thanks alot -JonnyzTalk
  2. I have a 1977 280z that I am swapping out motors from a 1982 280zx l28et. All of the mechanical part of it is done except the turbo plumbing. The problem im having is the electrical. I just bought a harness for the l28et motor to run the ecu but I dont know where to begin installing it, some of the wires are cut so if you have any pointer or instructions on how to go about this Id appreciate it. If all else fails im also willing to pay any locals to come and help me. thanks, Jon
  3. It was there right off to the right of yours you can barely see it, but I was in a video one of the Vids they had on youtube the one posted by focusforrally im 3min and 23secs in
  4. Hi everyone I have a 1977 280z. It had a stock l28e motor in it until I ran it to hard So i purchased a l28et block and p90 head. I swap the parts off my l28e motor to the short blocked l28et motor and now i'm waiting stuck figuring out how to put a 1982 280zx turbo harness in my 280z other than that I have bigger plans to auto cross the car and use it as a street/track/ daily driver car. I got the car for a steal and plan on hanging on to it. I also have some aftermarket parts for the engine via intercooler, turbo, wastegate, boost controller, and more stuff to turn up the fun. It currently has lowering springs, front lip, aftermarket rims, seat harnesses, and bucket seats other than that the car is pretty much stock. Im also having issues with figuring out the install on the harness if you have and information or opinions you would like to share feel free to do so. Im open to any and most all opinions Thanks for looking -Jon
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