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  1. me too, and that is whay is so depressing about the whole deal , but I think the decison it to sell it , I do not have the resources or the space to do what needs to be done, I think the deal is the guy stored it on a dirt floor. That is my guess . My attraction , other than the Z heritage itself was the engine ( I am very familiar having worked on vintage Benz cars , with the system) the low miles, and the low take home price. Its not in the way so I will work on getting the word out . IF you know anyone looking , let me know . I am hoping for $1000 or BO as is. thanks everyone - any other pearls of wisdom, let me know.
  2. Thanks for that information, I figured that but just wanted to know I am wavering on, it is just too nice to part out , I did call some shops, none are really interested , I am still working that angle. What would be tough is getting to the work, I would think it would have to at least be on a rack or on its side. If I build a rotisseri, I'd have to remove engine and drive train and such, which is beyond my capabilities. I realize this could be a 3-4,000$ rebuild , IF I do most of it myself, and that could be an underestimate. So in part that in itself is something to consider If I do decide to bail , I would try to sell it whole to someone trying to restore one like it,anyone know what is might be worth in this condition . I figure the low mileage engine is worth at least $600 , brand new muffler system - another $100:classic:. I dont have a lot in it Thanks , keep the comments coming , I have tough skin..
  3. will any of the parts on this car fit a early 240Z (73) or so
  4. well I have been thinking - alot - as they say, and I believe this is a parts car, sad as it may sound, it has a perfect interior and a great engine, upper body as I said is pretty spotless, where and how would one part or sell this car whole?? thanks
  5. well I have been thinking - alot - as they say, and I believe this is a parts car, sad as it may sound, it has a perfect interior and a great engine, upper body as I said is pretty spotless, where and how would one part or sell this car whole??
  6. So the saga begins, with some reservation on my part - the fame rail rust and underbody rust is significant . Interestingly she has NO rust from the rockers up save for a little bubble here and there the interior in nearly perfect, only a small tear on the drivers seat. Headliner, dash – perfect. No rust on strut towers, none around rear hatch. Carpet is sun faded but not torn, window rubber seals look good, no leaks that I can tell. The sides of this car have no parking lot dings, it is a solid straight body She runs great, even with old tired tires , starts with a flick of the key , tranny feels fine, clutch and brakes – good. Engine pulls strong, no smoke, does not leak Has 68,000 original miles Steering is heavy at slow speeds but may be related to a lack of grease and bad tires. Has a brand new muffler system. I pulled the interior out and found the passenger side in great shape, but the drivers side is sad looking, multiple holes and where the rail is underneath is pretty much gone. The cross members where the seat bolts are in good shape. Back seat area floor is good and solid So what to do, I would love some thoughts on this. I would really hate to part this car, but the underside is scary. I think I could deal with the body side panels . I have no worries about any of the rest of the car. If it were you –what would you do - where would you start ??? I have very little in this car so far , I have no idea if it is collectible. If its like the old MB’s , they are a labor of love, no real return in investment, and in reality that is not my intent. I know this will cost $$ to fix, the question is how much? My goal is to have a vintage Z to drive. Not looking for show quality here Here is the story in pictures http://s248.photobucket.com/albums/gg189/meltedpanda/280Z/ here are some of the most telling THE GOOD THE BAD THE UGLY Thanks in advice for your thoughts and time
  7. thanks, that is what I am finding as well
  8. thanks gang - and cozye , just south of Lexington! Is the Z folks active in KY , any good meets around? Been a old Benz guy for many years
  9. is anyone aware if they actually produced a 1978 280Z sales brochure - just for that car and year. I have searched but pulled up empty - anyone know??
  10. So my Z is almost home, being shipped to me from up north. She is a 1978 280 2+2. Running very well , body work is the first priority . From the rockers up she is pretty pristine, only has 68K on the clock. I introduced her here http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41594 I already know I need some odds and ends like a shift knob, where are the best places to search for parts, or the best online sources. I will post in classifed section here as well . I will be more specific when she arrives but just trying to do a little homework before then
  11. Thank you, well as luck would have it I have had an issue getting it transported to my place. I will return when she gets home, and will post in the 280Z forum. Till then keep the suggestions coming !
  12. thanks so far, the car will be to my shop in a few days, so I will be able to get her up on ramps and such. Is this a car worth restoring. I know some of my MB's it is more of a labor of love than anything else , might break even , may make a few dollars. Does this particular model have a following? Is the engine and drive train solid peformer? I know the 2+2 was not the most coveted Z but i kinda like it. My 72 Mercedes 450, I have restored to concours level, but even with that it would be hard to sell it for what I have in it, but boy has it been fun. http://s248.photobucket.com/albums/gg189/meltedpanda/Keeneland%20Concours/
  13. yes , rust is the first deal, I will be able to keep it inside. I am going to gut interior and fix rust as I go. where are the worse underbody trouble spots I should check? frame rails or other? True on the engine - piece of cake haha I guess I should start a thread on the car forum side! Thanks again , glad to be here
  14. So I will come clean, I am an old Mercedes guy , have been for years. Really have liked the "Z"'s through the years and picked up a 78 280Z with 68K on the clock from the original owner. SHe is a bit rusty but runs good. I am in the early stages of "learning all I can" and starting here. Your forum looks active and full of good people and information. I will be posting many questions I am sure ! The first of which - what are good manuals, resources for these cars. I am handy with tools, and familiar with the injection system of this car since it is the same of the MB's of the Era. I plan to tear it down interior and exterior so let the fun begin. More posts from me in the days to come over in the 280Z forum section Love to hear about this car from those in the know Thanks in advance!
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