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  1. Yeah I just installed the new calipers, and sure enough the side of of the calipers hit the the inside face of the Konigs. I'm considering finding a shop with an endmill to machine the calipers down a bit. I can't bring myself to take a grinder to them.
  2. I have plenty of fuel to the carbs. This feels like and electrical problem not fuel.
  3. I intalled a new electric fuel pump as well as filter.
  4. Don't think it's carbs, have a brand new set from Ztherapy. 3 turns out, floats ajusted spot on. Could it be I have a non standard ballast resistor? Although I'm still not sure how any ballast resistor would have anything to do with high RPM running.
  5. What's the advantage of dual points? Would running dual points offer an advantage over the Pertronix ignition? I'm willing to try anything at this point. Including another dizzy using dual points.
  6. My advance is working. This stumbling under load is driving me crazy. New cap, wires, dizzy, rotor, coil, pertronix ignition, Ztherapy carbs, ect... I am at a total loss. The only thing I can think of now is that the ohm resistance might not be correct, since it's just a generic over the counter on from the auto parts store, and not a Datsun one. I'm still trying to figure the correlation between high rpm stumbling and the ballast resistor anyway.
  7. Ok I installed a ballast resistor, but am still getting the same stumble under load while accelerating. Which bring me back to my question of could it be my alternator not being able to supply enough current to the 40,000 volt Pertonix coil? Im running out of things to replace.
  8. is there a schematic posted here of how to wire one into the ignition system?
  9. As I said I just bought the car a few months back and have been working the bugs out of it. S.A.E bolts in metric holes, missing bolts all together, the car has been a list of problems that I have been correcting one at a time. I have a really bad ignition problem, where the car falls flat on its face under load at the high end of the rpm range. It stumbles really bad at about 4000 rpm. I have new NGK plugs gapped at .045, new dizzy, new wires, new cap, and new Pertronics Electonic ignition. Yesterday I purchased a rebuild dizzy and when I went to install it was when I realised the plate was bent out of shape. Even when I straigtened it out there is a gap large enough to not let the dizzy mount squarely on the mount. The car runs well enough as long as you don't hit 4000 rpm. I'm not saying the plate and the high rpm stumbling are related but I'm running out of options. Which leads me to ask you guys a question, I am running the stock 40amp alternator, would this cause the stumbling at higher rpms? Keep in mind I do not have any radio in my car. However I am running the 40,000 volt coil that accompanies the Pertronics electonic ignition. Is it possable that the 40amp alternator can't keep up with supplying enough juice to the coil at high rpms?
  10. Well it was warped when I bought the car, I have already heated it, and hit it with a hammer on an anvil. It caused the center hole to elongate, as well as distorting the adjustment holes. The dizzy does sit squarely on the plate.
  11. I have spent the past two days going through junk yards. When you find Zs they are missing the dizzy and the SUs. Just the dizzy on the 260Zs.
  12. Thanks everyone. If anyone here has an extra one of these plates in there garage I'll pay, just quote your price. Thanks
  13. I bought a 240z with a 280Z engine. It came with a points style dizzy. This plate is warped and not letting the dizzy sit correctly on the dizzy shaft. Where can I buy one? Substitute another part? ANYTHING!!! The weekend is almost upon us and my Z is dead. Does MSA have this part? Thanks in advance.
  14. I have a 240z and just today I purchased a set of 16x7 Konig Rewinds. My original plan was to go with 15"s, but due to 15" tire selection becoming more and more limited each time I buy tires, I opted for the 16"s. One of the reasons I wanted 15"s was I like the appearance of a taller sidewall. Has anyone had any issues with rubbing using 205 55r 16 tires? It has been suggested to go with a 50 series tire, but I think (IMO) low profile tires give the classic Z lines a boy racer look. I'm planning on going with a Tokico spring and shock kit which lowers the car by 1".
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