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  1. Hello, My LHD 1976(5/76 build date) 280 2+2 is the same as the pics you posted,shorter rail on left side. I hope this points you in the right direction
  2. I have only been welding for a short time myself. I picked up a mig 135 from eastwood, great entry level machine. I recommend runing gas 75/25 argon/ co2 , flux core gasless wire is really crappy to use, deffinately on thin automotive sheet metal. The 135mig is $300 and a good size gas bottle will run from $50-100 depend on size. With some practice you will be ready to tackle this. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, I am no expert but I am willing to share my trials with you.
  3. If you drop down your blower motor housing you can seal it from the inside as a temp fix. It is most likely going to be rotted in this area,if you want to fix it properly you will have to cut it all out and weld in new metal and re-apply seam sealer around the duct tube. Do you have any welding skills? If not i would recommend getting it done at a fab shop. It is really easy to get in over your head working with thin metal. I am currently at this stage on my car right now,i had to cut the cowl on top to gain access to the duct tube.
  4. I just want to share some info. That section of cowl covering the vent duct is solid on his 78(part of cowl) 75 and older had this section spot welded to the cowl and mounted from underneath(seperate piece) they used seam sealer for the mating joint.
  5. I came across this while scanning craigslist,this guy lives 25 mins away from me. Sad! Hope they find it before its to late.
  6. Nice work, you are one of the few like myself that would jump in this deep just to keep one more z out of the crusher. I am currently at the same stage as you with my 280, I agree that it is less painfull to just find a rust free shell(what most would do) but you can't beat the education,experience that you get buy doing what you are doing. My hat goes off to you,wish there were more like us. I noticed you are using the same eastwood mig i am,great little machine for the price.Good luck from here on in.
  7. I have one laying around,you can have it for free,just cover shipping.
  8. I have a 76 with NO EGR. The man speaks the truth.
  9. I love your attention to detail, makes me want to strip mine and begin to do the same.
  10. Welcome, Its great to see people doing a resto on a 2+2, I may be biased:)
  11. My list 1987 mercury cougar 1988 Plymouth sundance 1987 Nissan sentra 1988 Pontiac grand prix se 1987 Chevy camaro(v6) 1987 Toyota celica 1993 Nissan altima 1998 Nissan altima 1999 Nissan altima 1994 mitsubishi eclipse 2001 Nissan Pathfinder 2004 dodge neon SRT-4 (miss this car alot) 2002 Toyota tundra Trd-Current 1976 Datsun 280z 2+2 -Current(my new toy) My list is not to long, but i am 29 years old, Plenty of time to add.
  12. I am pretty sure that is made by Xenon,made of ureathane vs glass.
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