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  1. I have a bare P90 head for $150
  2. This thread is titled "Restored Carbon Fibre bits are absolute crap". Sounds like rubbishing an entire brand to me. What I said about these parts was true, when I ordered them in October last year they had never been made before by Restored. In my post I said "virtually a one-off" not "one-off" because these are extremely specialised parts that would be unlikely to sell more than a couple of sets a year even in Japan. Restored have them on their website now because they own the moulds so they have every right to make more of them in the future. I did specially order these parts for Andrew bec
  3. These parts were made for us by Restored as a special request, they only made two sets, one for me and one extra set for the OP. As virtually a one-off naturally they were hand-laid and not vacuum-moulded or dry carbon. With such fiddly and complex shapes there is always going to be a bit of a stretch somewhere or a bit more resin in a corner. The parts that the OP returned to us are now fitted to my 240K. They did need a bit of polish here and there but I think they look pretty good (pics attached). The trim piece that arrived without the threads fitted has been replaced by Restored as this w
  4. Hi, I'm Ben from Sydney. I own a performance parts shop and have owned 240Zs for the last 18 years or so. Currently I have a 1973 240Z that is mostly carbon fibre and fibreglass but still road registered. It has a 3.2-litre L-series with 6-throttle injection and around 270hp at the flywheel (fun). I also distribute OS Giken in Australia along with supplying various other Zed bits from time to time. Currently I'm building a KHGC110 Skyline 2-door into a 'Ken Mary' GT-R replica. Cheers
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