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  1. Thanks guys for your help! New master cylinder it is
  2. Thank you again guys, so what would you guys recommend to do to determine if the master cylinder is really the problem
  3. Thank you guys, but just wondering does the car have to be on when i bleed it? Because when the car is off and i do a round of bleeding, the pedal feels fine, but as soon as i turn the car on, thats when the pedal goes to the floor
  4. hello all, i've been searching and can't find any solutions... i am not familiar with working on brakes, but i disconnected one of my break lines and when re-installing it i was told i had to bleed the brakes, so i pumped the pedal while my dad was under the car opening the bleeder and closing, starting at the rear passenger side to the driver back to the rear driver to the front passenger... the pedal started feeling tighter and how it normally did...but when i start the car the pedal goes loose and im able to easily slam it to the floor...while its on if i keep pumping the brake pedal i feel it getting tighter, but as soon as i stop and push it again, it goes back to being loose... any ideas as to what im doing wrong, or if something is dead and needs to be replaced? done on: 1973 datsun 240z, original factory drum and disc brakes... thank you
  5. hello, i searched online and couldn't find anything that could answer my question... i have a 73 240z and recently placed a front air dam off a 74 260z, so now my front parking lights won't fit... im having trouble trying to find 260z front parking lights (the ones that are located by the grill) so i went to my local autoparts store and got some rectangular shaped amber lights... the only problem is those new amber lights i got only have 2 wires, and original has 3 wires... does anyone know how to re-wire my new bulbs so they're on when my headlights are on and also blink when i signal... thank you
  6. ok thank you guys for all your input...i was about to order that kit, thinking it would add a lot more h.p...(well not a lot more, but more) i thought it was the more affordable-happy-medium kit, that would bring you close to a complete webber carb set-up thank you guys
  7. hello everyone, i searched around and haven't seen anything related to my issue, i was wondering if anyone has ever just removed the stock airbox and air filter and just placed two cone style filters filters in its place... basically as seen like this kit: http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/PFFC20/11-4010KI will it do the same thing? if were to just mount two cone style filters? or is there more to this kit than just the air filters thank you
  8. hello, just wondering can anyone recommend some type of adhesive that would work like magic to fix my passenger side door handle. most people probably had the same problem as i did if they replaced or repaired their door handle, mine snapped on plastic part where the lever connects too. i know most will say just to replace it, but being from canada, it takes for ever for parts to get shipped here, not to mention sometimes it gets held up in customs. i am trying to look for the cheaper alternative, i tried some products called "cold weld" but that doesn't work, it looks like after it cures it does, but when you go and try to test it out and pull on the lever it just snaps again... so if anyone had had this problem and has done a simple fix by gluing it back together and it still works like new, can you please tell me what you used Thank you
  9. thank you "travel'n man" and everyone else helping, i never got a chance to try your advice, right now i sent my starter away to get either repaired or replaced. but as soon i get either my new starter or repaired starter back, then i can go back and try your advice i will keep you posted, and thank you!!!
  10. Because all my wiring n voltage readings seem to be fine, based on the manual u told me to download, btw thank you very much, very helpful
  11. another question i have, and maybe this could be the problem, is that when i went to tighten the the bolt on the solenoid (the one with the positive wire from the battery connected to it) the whole top piece now rotates and moves, could this cause a problem from the solenoid? the parts that rotate when tightening is the whole top piece, where it has the one bolt that the positive connects to, the other bolt that has the black wire running from the starter motor, and the connector that connects to the black wire
  12. this occurred right after i installed a new fuel sending unit, at first the car had problems starting up, but finally it just started, and sound better than ever, i was so excited i was letting is sit running for a while (about 10 minutes) while i cleared up the mess behind the car, after i took it for a test drive, ran great at low speed down the end of the street, but as i got to 40 and was able to push it, thats when it happened, everything sound and felt perfect so i wasn't expecting this to happen, there is no other electrical load, i don't have a radio installed, this was in the afternoon, so i wasn't using any lights, and it was sunny so i wasn't using the wipers. it was warm outside, so no heater. i remembered how the wiring was before i replaced the sending unit and put everything back the way it was originally, and i didn't touch any other wiring, thats why its hard for me to figure its electrical, another reason why it might be electrical or fuel related, is cause i never did believe my fuel pump was wired correctly, when i got it from the previous owner, there where a couple of wires that weren't attached, but still it started and ran fine when i first got it, other than having a hard time starting, it never died while driving...it just started as soon as i replaced the sending unit, as well i noticed that the lines going to the fuel pump are dry, could this mean that the pump isn't working? or the wiring is wrong...thats what im figuring, but when i wire it i can hear the pump working, i don't feel suction, when i take one of the hoses off, but i do hear it going...
  13. Comparing what i have to the pic, i notice u have one black wire going the solenoid, with my car i have 2 wires, one that is black with a yellow stripe and another that is a thicker black wire, both connected together then connected to the solenoid, should i just have one, any ideas what these wires are
  14. the car just shut off, as if someone just turned the car off, while still rolling i managed to start the car again, but again at low rpms in second gear the car would just shut off, no rough hack or cough, it would seem like someone really just turned the key off while i was driving.
  15. Thanks gary, did that, now the car doesnt want to start on its own when i connect the battery, but now when i try to start it, i get nothing, i here a click from under the dash on the passenger side, is there relay i could have damaged? Do u have a pic or can tell me where it is located, thanks again for your help
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