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    My 1978 280Z is in need of some serious TLC but she starts up! I have come here to try and find some help restoring her to her former glory.

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  1. I tried to learn how to be patient one time, but it took too long... I hate to seem impatient but I have about two weeks to get as much work done as possible before I may have to drive my Z. I'm in a bit of a pinch..:stupid:
  2. Ha ha Ummm I don't think I'll be able to mail my car or any of this ice cold beer sitting next to me but I'll drink one in your honor sir! And thanks, I'll be downloading that and getting to work tomorrow. -ELi
  3. Ha ha I figured that was some of it but then I started thinking that my old avatar of me with a bright red an black mohawk might be scaring away some of the more conservative forum members. So I switched it in hopes of some help. Do you know if there is a charge or enrollment fee to join a club? -Eli
  4. Thirty three views and not a single word of advice.. Was kind of hoping for at least some feedback. Is offering beer and money for help a Zcar tabu I was unaware of? Come on guys I need your help. Have mercy on a aspiring Zcar enthusiast. -Eli
  5. Hey guys I've been on here before but I finaly have some cash and some time to work on my 78 280Z! Only thing is I need some help. I've bought the repair manual and I'm ready to roll my sleeves up and take a good look at this car and I could really use some help! I'll be honest this is going to be a learning experience for me as the most I've ever done to a car is change an oil filter and maybe some brake pads here and there. I need someone who knows Z's to help me appraise the damages. Give me an idea of what kind of repairs I'm going to need to do to get it running as a daily driver. It starts up fine, doesn't sound to bad to me, but idles a little low. I think I just need to adjust a few things to solve that BUT before I go spending days upon days giving her the TLC she so desperately needs I want to make sure I'm not just throwing money away. If anyone can help me even just figure out what kind of a task I'm looking at I would be eternally grateful. I'm willing to pick up a twelve pack and shell out a few bucks if anyones interested. Right now she's sitting in a garage in Apple Valley. I myself live in Rancho Cucamonga. I'm willing to pick you up and take you to her or if you have the space I MIGHT be able to bring her to you but I'm trying to avoid that as I'd rather not pay the tow or go through the hassle of obtaining a moving permit. I need to get all of this figured out ASAP! I have a business car I use as of the moment but my boss is going to need it back in just a few weeks! :ogre: Any help at all would be super appreciated. I've been told that the Z-car scene is one of the best to be in and everyone here seems like really nice down to earth car folks, so I hope one of you guys will be able t come through for me. -Eli
  6. Yeah ha ha yeah that's me. well I was staying with this Pin up model for a while when I moved from Florida, then that bombed after a few months so I moved from La Crasenta to North Hollywood with my sister, hung out there for a while and then she had to move so then I had to move in with my girlfriend in Rancho and the rest is history. Been here for about 6 or so months, hate it, moving back towards Hollywood before too long most likely. Ha ha and now my cars sitting in Apple Valley while I wish I knew someone to help me with it. But hey this is the kind of stuff that happens when your a adventurous soul just along for the ride. I was living in Orlando a little over a year and a half ago.
  7. Well she starts up just has a hard time staying on. And thanks for the advice BigOak of coarse I don't even have an adjustable wrench but I guess I'll be getting one. ha -Eli
  8. Gotta say couldn't remember for the life of me what my login or password or even email was for that account. It can be deleted if that makes things easier. -Eli
  9. Oh man ha ha ok I'll try but here another kicker. I don't have ANY tools. :stupid: And this is why I really just need someone to help me take a look at it and maybe even assist me in the repairs. I GOTZ money, I just don't want to get taken for a fool. :ogre:
  10. Thanks Shade! Me too man, I need to get that beast on the road within a month hopefully. I'm sure it will break down on me sooner or later and need lots of work over the years to come but I just need some basic transportation. Can't wait to cherry this baby out either. Man I love these cars. -Eli
  11. Thanks for the advice! :] And yeah I do smell gas, so I imagine that's what it is. -Eli
  12. Mine is also a 78 280z, And I know it isn't supposed to make this noise as it only started after I had a full inspection done n the car a year ago. Also now it won't idle for long. the care turns off without the gas peddle being pressed. -Eli
  13. Hey Vitamin Z! Thanks for the offer and encouraging words. Here's a link to my plead for help. Maybe you can be of some help. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39435
  14. I bought my first and only Z (1978) about a year ago and have not been able to afford working on it until now. Lifes been pretty chaotic so it's been hard to do much of anything really. But finally things are settling down and I'm wanting to tackle this beast of a project and pump some life back into this sleeping beauty. Only one real problem...I've never worked on a car before. :stupid: I REALLY need someone wiser and more experienced than me to take a look at the car. So I've come here hoping one of my fellow Z enthusiastic will be able to size up my project car. If all goes right perhaps I will lure one of you pour souls out to Apple Valley to have a few beers and take a look under the hood. At this point I'm really just trying to get an idea what I'm in for. I'm of coarse willing to compensate you for your time, but please keep in mind I'm just a young guy with very little money so if you want to find some dumb chump to take to the cleaners just a heads up I'd a be a waste of your time. I'm just hoping to make some honest friends here who can show me the ropes a little in exchange for some, beer, cash, and good conversation. Also if you happen to have a current medical marijuana prescription I am a manager of a medical marijuana delivery service, so keep that in mind. And feel free to PM any questions you might have. -Eli
  15. There is a hissing sound coming from near my fuel pump. I can't locate it exactly but it's the same area. Anyway I only hear this hissing sound when I put the key into the ignition and power is supplied to the engine. Any ideas? Fuel pump leak or maybe a seal? -Eli
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