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  1. well thanks guys!! =) i found someone that had and extra switch, I should be getting it this week and i hope that this will fix my problem, cuz if not i guess i will be here again asking for help Thank you!!!!!!
  2. well my lights are acting a little funny cuz when i turn the light switch to the parking lighrs the both arrows that are in the tacho turn on and the front 2 parking lights and the left corner light are off then when i use the blinkers this 3 light that dont turn on start blinking and i already check the wiring,the bulbs and the fuse box but no luck finding a solution to this problem and i think my last resort is to find another hazard switch since i heard that they go bad and that all the cables for the lights run thru it. also one thing that i noted is that when i bought my car it came with the pull switch rather that the flip up switch (my car is a 1972) so i dont know if this switch was changed at some point or if it came like this from the dealer (I know that all the early Z's were suppoused to come with the flip up switch Well thanks for your help in advance
  3. hey Dave thanks i got my mount on monday now i just need to get my r200 so i can install everything at the same time Muchas Gracias!
  4. hey i just send you my payment via paypal i hope im still on time
  5. hey im new here but i have read alot about this mount so i will also take one PLEASE, just let me know how to pay for it i can do paypal THANKZ
  6. hey im new here but i have read alot about this mount so i will also take onePLEASE, just let me know how to pay for it i can do paypal THANKZ
  7. will do and thank you for the tip Dave, i already called some of my friends and i got one of them to let me use one of his cars for this week so i guess the front cover will be my weekend proyect (i hope to get it done this weekend) well thankz to everyone again for your help and i hope you get your water pump soon Mike Emmanuel
  8. well MSA is 5 minutes from where i live and i did pick up a new water pump from them today at noon they did have it in stock but they dont have the bolts so i dont know why they have not send you yours
  9. thanks for your response i do have and spare not running 280z that i got 3 weeks ago just for parts i guess this will be the first part that im gonna be removing from the 280 thankz again...
  10. [well i know im a little stupid just by having a 72 z as my daily driver but that just how much i like my car and thats also why im stuck right now well im changing my water pump right now since yesterday night i noticed that there was some coolant leaking from under it so right after i took everything apart and got to remove the old water pump i noticed this so if you noticed there's a chipped area where the water pump goes so i dont know if this will cause any problem if i put everything back togheter with the new pump or if there is a way to fix this with out having to replaced the whole thing please HELP like i said is my daily driver and is the only car i have
  11. well thankz for all your help i think now is ebay time to search for a new clutch
  12. When i bought my z it came with an L26 swap and a early 5 speed tranny but now clutch is going bad and i dont know what clutch do i need to use 240z,260z or if i can use a 280z/zx non turbo clutch? please if any one can help!
  13. the float is there it all comes together and i was extra extra careful of not bending or messing up the sender when i was putting it back in the tank. well i guess i will probably have to drop the tank again to see if there is anything inside the tank that is causing this problem and at the same time im gonna try to put some isolation in the gas tank straps since in the only post that i found about this same problem they said that doing so it may fix the issue since appears that there is a grounding problem when the straps have full contact with the tank well thanks for replying to my post
  14. Hello well im new to the forums and i have spend the whole afternoon looking for answer in this forums and i only found 1 post with my same problem but no way to fix it Well I got my 72 Z back in december and been working on it since then, my fuel gauge was working fine when i first got it but later i had to remove the gas tank due to some leakeage on the hoses,well after replacing all the hoses on the rear end and placing the tank back my fuel gauge was only reading to 1/2 tank it been 4 month since then so today i decided to replace my sending unit since according to some post thats seems to be the problem sometimes (i did check that the fuel gauge was working by grounding the yellow cable and i was getting a full tank reading)i got my new sending unit and tested outside the tank and it was working fine but after i installed in the tank and filling it up at the gas station still only reads to 1/2 tank so i went back under the car and like some post said that the connector go bad as well so i repladed those with new female spade connectors and still reads only to 1/2 so PLEASE if anyone knows anything about fixing this problem let me know it will be Very appreciated
  15. Hey im new here but i like the idea of joining a club so let me know whats up and if there is more people interested in very close to covina

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