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  1. That sounds like the problem I had with my last arm/switch, but when that happened, it stopped making the little click/tick noise when it rotated from off to parking lights to head lights. A few weeks back at dusk, I turned the lights on, nothing happened, then after 10-15 seconds, they cut on and worked fine the whole way home.
  2. I read through most of the already posted headlight problems and got some ideas of things to check, but didn't see my exact problem listed so figured I'd check for other sources. 1971 240z - a while back, my lights wouldn't come on, high or low beam. Figured out it was the arm that was broken. Got a new one, worked fine, no problems. Now, every once in a while, they just stop working. Yesterday I got in the car, turned them on to make sure they worked, and they did. Turned them off and then back on, and nothing happened. Screwed around with it a while, got them to come on again, off, back on, and nothing again. Could be another bad arm/switch, going to check the fuses to see if I have one that's about to go. Sounds like some sort of white wire I need to chase down and look for corrosion and clean up. Any other thoughts? Parking lights work, when the low beams DO work, the high beams do too. When the lows don't work, the highs don't work either. Thanks!
  3. Thanks all...zzTom, thanks for the offer. The switch itself LOOKS a little different, but the wires look correct. I actually seem to have found one from a guy I've purchased several parts from the in past for $60. Will keep this post handy if something doesn't pan out. Always get great feedback, advice, and guidance on this site. Thanks!
  4. I'll do that for sure...I'm actually going to be in Sacramento next weekend so that would be convenient. You went CA to GA, I went GA to CA. Go Dawgs!
  5. Was thinking about that, but my current one is broken 3 different ways. The headlight knob itself is cracked so it would turn all the way around the arm, one of the spring/plastic things inside won't stay put because the side of it's slot is broken, and a wire came unconnected at the sensor. The replacement will be less expensive and less work/effort. On a side note Chris...I like your taste in Datsuns. I'm 71 240z / 68 SPL-311
  6. I need to replace the headlight / wiper arm in my 71 and I'm having a little trouble finding exactly what I need. I have a replacement part from a later model, but it has a different main plug (9 wires instead of 6), assuming that's because of the extra speed on the wipers. I found another wiper arm that looks identical to mine, but it doesn't have enough wires. My wiring is: 1x 6 prong main plug 2x black wires (one up high, one down low) 1x blue with white stripe 1x red wire 1x white with red stripe Can someone help me put into words exactly what I'm looking for? Is it an early version, 2 speed, but not a series 1? Still a little new to the Z Car world. Thanks!
  7. Many thanks...I thought that was the case looking at the stock wheel, but wanted to be certain.
  8. I am in my garage taking my Grant GT steering wheel off and installing a stock wheel. I'm assuming this part comes off, but I want to be sure before I start pulling on it too hard. If it does come off, any suggestions on how to remove?
  9. Glad I looked in that bin before going to Autozone....went from having a non-rebuildable one to three that probably work and can be rebuilt. I'll be popping it back in tomorrow. Appreciate everyone's feedback on this and the diagnosis in my other thread.
  10. Yet ANOTHER update...I was going through my parts bins that came with the car to "thin the extras" a bit when I came across 3 fan clutches. The previous owner was VERY good about saving good working spares and labeling what sort of car they came from. The one on the left is labeled "280", no label on the middle one, the one on the right is labeled "ZX". Based on sblake01's comment, I don't want to use the ZX one, but guess I should give these others a shot first. They feel like they have a lot more resistance than the one I took off the car.
  11. Quick question...looking at MSA, it seems the fan clutch for the 70/71 is different than the 72 on. The 70-71 they sell is a conversion kit to get away from the metal fans. Once the conversion is done (mine already has a plastic one, probabaly cause it has a 2.8L) is the clutch the same as the 72-83 non turbo? I probably just answered my own questions since my car doesn't have the original 71 engine.
  12. Took off the old fan clutch yesterday to start the disassembly and cleaning part of the rebuild. The instructions I'm following show a picture of a fan clutch that look different from the one I've got (and had 4x 10mm bolts holding the clutch to the fan, mine used 11mm). Here are the directions I was following and here are 3 pics of my fan clutch. Previous owner replaced it about 10 years ago with a fan clutch from Autozone so I'm not sure if I can rebuild. On the plus side here, if this Autozone one lasted 10 years, I can get another one from there for $40.99. Instructions: http://www.hammondsplains.com/newtechtips/cooling/index.htm
  13. Mine is a plastic fan...according to the previous owner, the fan clutch that's in it was replaced about 10 years ago when it did the same thing to him.
  14. Alrighty, I'll be undertaking my first project on the Z next week with my attempt to rebuild the clutch. Looks like MSA has a replacement if things go horribly wrong. Any thoughts on replacing with an electric fan?
  15. I did that yesterday, it seemed to spin pretty freely. Looks like this might be the rebuild link: http://www.hammondsplains.com/newtechtips/cooling/index.htm
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