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    I have a 1977 280z with a roller 350 and a muncie 4-speed, 4:11 gears, plum crazy purple with faint silver ghost flames(very hard to see unfortunately)
  1. http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/77015_168514623178048_100000585335960_488067_6512379_n.jpg
  2. ToxicZ


    can anybody tell me where i can find a set of long tube headers for a 77 280z with a 350? im having a hard time finding a set. shorties are very restrictive.
  3. ToxicZ

    z car scca

    now ive also heard of taking an 80's 300zx or a 95-96 240sx 5 lug and doing a swap. is this possible or is it alot of work? and wat all needs to be changed
  4. ToxicZ

    z car scca

    im running a small block chevy as well so im in a class all my own. thanks for the websites
  5. ok so i am planning on running my car in the scca but want to convert my front end to 5 lug like we have the rear. im having an extremely difficult time finding a conversion from 4 on 4.5 to 5 on 4.5. any input would be greatly appreciated thanks
  6. ToxicZ

    help please

    hello everyone im at a point now were im stuck. i have a 77 280z and when the laft turn signal is on it blinks and then i hear what i believe is a vacuum leak, and when i turn my heater lever from ac to heat it doesnt blow hot air? i know the heater core is getting warm coolant. is there a door that covers the heater core keeping it from blowing? and if so how do i access that to get it open? we just got a foot of snow and its cold as crap so id like a heater. any help would be appreciated thanks.
  7. ToxicZ

    77 280z

    hey all i have a 77 280z and my heater quit working. it almost like the selctor isnt moving from ac to heat. there is coolant flowing through the heater core but no heat any advice? i dont know much about these cars so i dont want to tear into the dash without some kind of prior knowledge. any help would be appreciated thanks.
  8. hey everybody. im new to the site just got my z finished up, its a 77 280 with a small block conversion and amuncie 4 speed. was originally yellow but we painted it a not so traditional plum crazy purple its deffinetly different. im new to the z car dont know much about them but would love to learn more. im having 2 problems, one when i turn on my headlights they work fine but once i turn on my highbeams they shut off completely, i still have taillights but no headlights, and the second is for some reason the key wont lock or unl;ock the doors, or hatch and wont turn the ignition past accy, do you think its the key? any help is greatly appreciated
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