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  1. It is horizontal. That's why I ordered mechanism covers for a 280 because aren't 280's lines horizontal? The ones I received do not fit. I will post pics when I get my Z back from the paint shop. My buddy is re-shooting my fiberglass hood for me. Thanks everyone.
  2. Thank you Darom. I have something to look at now. Although these could be 240 seats with 280 rails. Hmmm. I'll have to look at them again.
  3. how do you tell the difference between 240, 260, and 280 seats? thanks. Bob
  4. How do you tell the difference between 240, 260, and 280 seats? Does anyone know? I want to order a seat upholstery kit. I was told by someone 6 years ago that the seats in my 280 are not 280 seats. I can't remember if he said 240 or 260. But he knew right away they were not 280 seats. He has since passed away so I can't ask him. Any help is appreciated. I recently posted pics but I guess not very good ones because no one responded. Bob
  5. can anyone tell me if these are 240, or 260 seats. I'm pretty sure they are not 280 seats. I ordered seat mechanism covers for a 280 and they didn't fit. So I have to assume they are 240 or 260 seats. I just need to know which. Thanks. Bob
  6. Steve and Dave are right Sean. Too many variables to mention. Study the fuel injection system in the FSM and do the tests they lay out for you and then post your results. I just recently moved back to CA (3 yrs) and had to pretty much rebuild my fuel injection system and emissions so my Z would pass smog. With over 300,000 miles on her, she passed with better numbers than our 2005 2.5 altima! So you can fix it. It may take time though. You will need to be patient. Keep the forum posted on results. The forum will help. It helped me when I had electrical issues. Good luck. Bob
  7. Just when I get my 77 running again another electrical problem! Had a harness connector come unplugged that took a week to find. Had Dave rebuild my combo switches. Then I wired up the headlight and parking light harness upgrades from Dave. Took the car out yesterday for a cruise and 5 minutes into it my Z broke down. Was accelerating at a great rate of speed and all of a sudden it was as if I turned the key off! I coasted to the side of the road and parked. I tried the key and nothing, nothing at all! Here we go again I said to myself. I checked a few things I thought it might be and found no
  8. Thanks to Dave from Zs-Ondabrain I now have excellent lights throughout my 77 280. I purchased Dave's headlight wiring harness and parking light wiring harness upgrade. Very simple install. I would have to say at least 50% brighter now. That includes all dash lights. I can drive my Z again at night! If you are thinking about doing the upgrade, do it! Dave also rebuilt my combo switches. Was having electrical problems with them before Dave fixed them. It takes a lot to impress me and I am impressed. Thanks Dave. Bob. can anyone make out the pic of my Z or is it too small to see?
  9. Oh Bruce I forgot to tell you. I am going to clean the fusible links and link boxes. Those have corroded some over the past couple of yrs. Thanks for that tip as well. Bob
  10. Yeah, but I love it! I had a set of ztherapy su's on my 280 about 15 yrs ago when I was in vegas and loved them. That's why I took my time rebuilding my FI. Now I'm back in CA and put my FI back on. And by the way, my Z passed smog with better numbers than my wifes 05 2.5 altima! And my Z has a header on it. So go figure. Bruce, I have already cleaned everything a couple yrs ago. Thanks for the tip. This was just a connector that worked itself loose it just took me time to find it. Aren't Z cars fun! Every now and again I take the cover off to stare at it. My wife just shakes her head, but she
  11. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I found the problem. After taking everything apart it ended up being as simple as a connector under the dash on the passenger side had vibrated apart. So battery voltage was getting to the connector just not from it which runs into the fuse block. Hence no power in acc position. Bob
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  14. Frank, Bruce and Dave, Thanks. I will do the vinegar thing for sure. And Dave I understand what you are saying I'm just not sure were to start yet but will figure it out. I hate electrical! Dave, I just figured out who you are. I just recently purchased a head light harness upgrade, which I will say is the best thing I've done for my 280 in a long time, and you should be receiving my combo switches anytime now to rebuild. This is Bob with the gold 280 that has the fiberglass cowl induction hood. Thanks everyone. I will post the outcome.
  15. I have a 77 280z. owned it since 1985. I am experiencing a strange electrical problem with it. It is similar to other post I have read. I have an idea what it could be but would like to know what you all think. I drove it one night and 15 Min's into the drive my dash lights went out. I took it back home and realized I didn't have side maker or tail lights. I don't drive it alot. And haven't driven it at night for several years. Then I started checking everything to see what else was wrong. Well lets see, volt gauge doesn't register voltage if the doors are open?!, Close them and it shows norma
  16. I am searching for a place to restore my steering wheel and I came across your post. It looks great. Do you remember how much it cost? Thanks
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