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    My 78 280Z is doing some of the same things. Back fires hard on acceleration funky idle too. It doesn't stall though, but I also think my clutch is slipping and my injectors are clogged because while driving, it likes to just stop accelerating as if it is no longer getting fuel. .
  2. Thanks guys. It's about 51 inches just in case anyone cares to know. I have my new line in Too bad I can't get the pin to connect my new clutch master arm to the clutch pedal. That is just one evil process!
  3. Well I am replacing my clutch slave and master to hopefully fix the problem of my clutch pedal not getting any pressure. Well the slave is replaced and the problem still persists, so while trying to get the master off, the fitting for the line won't come off which in terms has stripped it. Look likes I need a whole new line, but I need the size and length of the main line so I can make one. Any help on the line issue, or just my clutch issue in general would be wonderful. (and yes I tried bleeding the system to gets some pressure back in the pedal but that didn't work.)
  4. Bates

    oil pan needed

    When do you need it by? I'll have a parts engine I can rip it out of for you but I am not sure when I am picking it up yet.
  5. Welcome and good luck. Should be easier to find one in Cali then it was for me in NJ. .
  6. The car is home. Began working on the body and interior today since I don't have the engine parts yet. I have a lot of work in front of me!
  7. Awesome, PM me and I'll give you my #. Hoping to have it running by next weekend.
  8. Picking her up tomorrow, very excited. Already ordered a ton of parts. Lookin forward to seeing her run.
  9. Sounds good man, Bridgewater is about 40 minutes or so from me. Pictures are fixed as well. I am in Bloomfield, right next to Newark and Montclair.
  10. Hey everyone. The name is Bates, I was here about a year ago when I almost bought a 71 240Z, but the guy wouldn't budge on the price so I turned it down. Well I am back now. Since that time last year I have boosted my 2002 Spec-V, which is still my daily but it is no longer boosted since I almost blew the engine, I am now forging an engine for it. I also bought a 1986 N/A Z31 a few months ago which I am selling to buy my new 1977 280Z 4 Speed manual. Found this puppy on Craigslist, and after going to up to take a look at it it should be in my possession this weekend. It doesn't run but it did before it was stored for a couple of years, so after a good tune up, fresh fluids, fresh gas and a new battery I am confident she will live again. She has been garage kept for years out of the elements and it shows. Not too many S30s in my area this rust free anymore. As far as rust goes the car is sanded down so there is no paint to hide rust. The inner area of the hatch top and bottom has some good surface rust and the firewall from the engine side of the passenger side has some, but the frame is solid along with the strut towers and the floors. This S30 is coming with a lot of extras, way too much list but just to name some of the bigger parts: 2 extra L28 engines, one being a bluetop rebuilt crate engine by ATK An extra head and 2 extra transmissions (1 4-Speed and 1 5-Speed) 2 extra hoods, one vented and one non vented 1 Piece brand new dash board cover Brand new never installed molded carpet 2 Extra mint seats 2 sets of wheels and tires 2 240Z bumpers front and rear and an extra 280Z bumper Extra Fenders Extra strut assemblies with calipers and drums And so much more! (I will be selling some of this stuff for feel free to PM me about parts if I have it and I am not using it I will let you know!) I could pretty much build another Z out of all the extra I am getting, and they are in wonderful shape too. I plan to get this car back on the road ASAP because it deserves to be on the road. After a temp paint job to get me through until I have money for my midnight blue S30 paint job, I will really begin the restoration process on it. Taking care of all the rust now before it gets worse, and building that ATK engine on the side. This car will stay N/A, it will be tasteful and easy on the eyes. It will stay classic. I am going to start out with the MSA exhaust and 6-1 Headers before it is even back on the road as well. Anything to open the car up more. Now on too some pictures, they are not pretty but hopefully you guys in the community will agree with me that this car has some great potential!
  11. Been talking it over with my mechanic friends, and we did find more surface rust, as you can see in the pictures and some rust hidden under the paint (in the door sill areas in the first few pictures), but I know people who can take care of that for me no problem. The interior needs the most work but I already knew that. I think I am going to be buying this car, I need to look at a few more things, but I think by next week this car will be in my drive way.
  12. Original??? Not at all. I'm trying to build the car to look like the devil z from midnight wangan .
  13. Ok went to look at the 240Z today. It was pretty damn nice. No serious rust spots, what I found I took pictures of. The car started up and drove great. It shifted nice and just overall ran perfect. The interior needs a lot of work and car does need to be repainted, the sunroof does not leak, and the car never sees rain as it is always in the garage. All the pictures in the following album are what I took today. I really really like this car and hoping you guys do too. If you guys give me your approval then I am going to go back to the guy with around 4K+ in cash and see if he takes it, I don't want to pay 5k for it. Check out the album. Lots of pictures. http://picasaweb.google.com/111583088159390630533/240z#
  14. Listen to these guys, they know what they are talking about. I myself am new and am going to look at a 240Z tomorrow, and for a week this forum has been giving me great information. Hope everything goes well for you and your Z is as rust free as it can be.
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