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  1. Looks like mine! I have the license plate cutout version. Purchased from MSA.
  2. FYI, here are the activities that will get you more badges and increase your rankings. I'm not saying which ones have more power though, that would be unfair... 😉 Create new threads Reply and participate in conversations Follow content Follow members Give reactions Frequent sign-ins Purchase subscription (badge only - basically you can't buy your way to Grand Master (you have to earn it) Let me know if you have any questions/concerns. Mike
  3. Looks like a bug... I'll have to run another update ..
  4. @Captain Obvious please let me know if logging out/in fixes the issue. Or if it doesn't show up tomorrow. There may be a bug. 🐞 m
  5. Yeah it's been a fun addition to the club... I'll do some more playing around with icons and such as I get time. I believe the Dedicated badge assumes you've logged in for 7 days straight. It may require fully closing your browser to activate each day though. So you may want to try that. I believe the system processes the information every time you log in. So if you want to try logging out and back in again it may update. I just followed Patcon to bump him up to 11 members. Not sure but maybe the algorithm works on greater than 10 followers (he was at 10 exactly). We'll see tomorrow. Mike
  6. Well based on that snippet of Married with Children, the titles have all been adjusted... GrandMaster Z in da house!
  7. Ha! Yeah this is part of the newest software update. Badges and ranking system. I will add more just for the fun of it. 😉 We need more badges for anniversaries, subscribers, and other fun stuff. Let me know if you have any ideas. And I do like the idea of changing the name to "Flair" ... haha m
  8. Ah yes, this harness upgrade is only for the 70-73 series. I wasn't sure because he didn't mention the model in his original post. So is it possible to adapt the harness? It doesn't appear that MSA has one for the later model cars.
  9. I also highly recommend installing the headlight wiring upgrade with the relays. This will limit the voltage into your cabin at a lower amperage. It's great for older wiring and this harness uses your existing connectors (without cutting or splicing). https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic10d23/12-4651
  10. Happy Thanksgiving back to you! Hope everyone reading this has a great day and enjoys time with family and friends. @dutchzcarguy I think the holiday is more about being thankful and yes, today is the US holiday. Although it's based on American history, other countries have similar days for giving thanks.
  11. I also wanted to mention the new software has push notifications. This feature is now built into the software and NOT an external service (like before). It will not send ads. You can see the new feature by clicking your name in the upper right. So, if you have a device that supports it, feel free to enable the feature. Most modern computers, tablets, and phones support it. Mike
  12. Hi all, I was able to complete the update this evening/morning without much of a hiccup. There were some back-end processes I had to get through to make it work but it's all done. At this moment you may see some delay as the database is continuing to rebuild the indexes. You will see a few new features and gadgets but the most prominent is the 'ranking' system. As the system is still rebuilding, I'm working on how this ranking system should be built. For the moment, every user has a newbie rank. This will remain until I get the overall structure to the ranks configured. Enjoy the changes, and now it's time for this guy to go to sleep... 3:30am. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving! Mike
  13. Mike

    Hey Mike!

    Thanks guys, I just disabled this spammers account. Appreciate the heads up. m
  14. BTW, I got rid of the damn Facebook redirect and posted the actual link on R&T
  15. Did they at least list our site as a source?
  16. Man, I just saw another ad from the @Captain Obvious 🙂 I must say that some girls do like surprises... just depends on the type!!
  17. Wow, this guy is talented... been watching a few of his other videos and he really knows how to make that foam work
  18. Have you tried the factory service manual?
  19. 🙂 Feel free to add all the tools in that category I created last night. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for it. Thanks @Patcon Mike
  20. You mean like a links directory we already have? Here's a link: https://www.classiczcars.com/links/
  21. The social media sign-on is a back-end process that allows you to sign into the site using your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Microsoft (etc) credentials. It's a back-end process where our server authenticates with the appropriate cloud service to let you into the site. It's called SSO, single-sign-on, and used at many other locations. You can see it when you sign into websites because they have a button (if the service is enabled). No account data can be seen by myself or other developers because the system authenticates using a secure pathway back to the service provider. On our site, it simply creates an account and username/password information is handled by the service provider. I'm finding out that it's a lot of work for me to maintain, so I thought it would be good to do a poll. The SSO system is completely automated after I set up the programming, but these companies all change their code annually. It can be a pain to maintain long term. We don't have a staff of programmers to keep it going... just me. 😉
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