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  1. Member ID Information has been moved to your profile page. After logging in, select your name from the upper right and select "Profile" Your member ID will show on the left side like this:
  2. I know this is an older post but I also wanted to chime in about your member ID for discounts at MSA. You can see your member-id under your profile. Click your name in the upper right and select 'Profile'... it will show up on the left side like this:
  3. Mike


    JULY CLUB MEETING BurgerMaster @ Burgermaster, 10606 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98004
  4. Mike

    June 2022 Meeting

    Enter the large parking lot from S128th ST and 20th Ave S https://www.google.com/search?tbs=lrf:!1m4!1u3!2m2!3m1!1e1!1m4!1u2!2m2!2m1!1e1!2m1!1e2!2m1!1e3,lf:1&tbm=lcl&sxsrf=ALiCzsZzNok2UmehqzRxpm0y-8OtDin0zQ:1653490812813&q=seatac+ballpark+park&rflfq=1&num=10&rldimm=10656285729725667526&rlst=f#rlfi=hd:;si:10656285729725667526;mv:[[47.4891089,-122.27228500000001],[47.4248717,-122.31174010000001]];tbs:lrf:!1m4!1u3!2m2!3m1!1e1!1m4!1u2!2m2!2m1!1e1!2m1!1e2!2m1!1e3,lf:1
  5. You can buy non-ethanol fuel at your local boat dock. Ethanol is highly frowned upon in the yachting world for gas engines, and typically very good quality. I remember the days when I was running my grandfathers airport fuel business in San Diego. I used to buy 130 octane leaded gas for around 55 cents or so. I'd pull my Z right up to the truck, connect the static line, and pump it directly into the car. Those days are long gone and you cannot fill a car with aviation fuel (for tax reasons apparently). But my Z ran like a top and I remember seeing greyish soot in my tailpipe instead of the typical black soot. I still remember taking her out on the taxiway and driving as fast as I could (those days are ALSO long gone). I loved being 18-19 years old with a classic Z...
  6. The May 15 Drive is revived. May 22 we will do all of the priorannounced updates. Meeting point is Union 76 Station Back lot on Hwy 304and Burwell ST Bremerton at 9:00 AM I would love to hear from you if youplanning on coming along. Please email me. dpappe@gmail.com
  7. I dunno, I think that original roof rack with a pair of old wooden ski's would look pretty trick on a restored z.
  8. Mike

    Branson Z Fest

    Branson Z Fest is a Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti gathering located in Branson, Missouri that takes place the weekend after Memorial Day as well as the third week of October. BZF is hosted by Ozarks Z Club since 2019, in conjunction with support from the Z Car Club Association as a Regional Z event. Branson Z Fest – our main event takes place the weekend after Memorial Day and is a 5 day Z family gathering, full of everything from outdoor game night, to group pictures with friends, to our highly competitive, yet fun, cornhole tournament. Of course, our favorite part, cruising the back roads of the Ozarks Mountains. This is a getaway for enthusiasts to have an affordable event, meet great friends and connections in the community and share the Z passion. 2022’s main event will take place June 1st through the 5th. More info here: https://bransonzfest.org/
  9. Thank you!! As I get older I try to forget these but the system sure doesn't forget!! 😉 Hope y'all are having a good time with your Z's. I need to dig mine out of the garage and have a little more fun this summer. Mike
  10. Mike

    ZCCW May Meeting

    >Join us for a get together plus updates on club events.
  11. We started around '96. It was a mailing list and website back when we first started and I moved over to the active forum in 2000.
  12. Hi guys, Just a forgotten password issue. @mayolives1, I sent you the new password for your old account. You will have to log out and then try logging in with the new password. Mike
  13. We were only hit by a random bot software. Not a big deal, other than a bunch of crap in our forums.. I removed them this weekend. Mike
  14. Hey guys, Yeah thanks for your patience as I weed through the posts. These kinds of posts typically come in waves. We'll see a bunch of them and then they will taper off again. I'm not too worried about it because our post-process system is great. The best way you can help is to continue reporting the posts. I will then look at the member account, flag them as a spammer, and they won't be able to log in again. Best thing is I can restrict based on IP address. Most of the latest ones have been coming from India, so it's been great to collect the address pool and I can restrict the entire network segment. There's no real way to prevent this kind of thing, sadly. Recaptcha is a great idea, but it doesn't work anymore. The bots have all worked around the recaptcha security and it's worthless these days. The first post idea is a good idea but it requires that we screen all posts from new members. Since I'm not on every day this can ruin the new user experience. Our software also has methods to detect potential scammers by filtering emails and IP addresses through a known list of spammers, but again these guys just go out and get new IP's. From what I've found, it's better just to let them post so we can create a database of network segments, and then just shut them off in their tracks. I can do this at both the root level and in our software. 😉 Mike
  15. The number participants is growing and we have decided to do a group parking space for the club which is limited. July 2nd I am creatinga list for tickets and will submit by June 1st Email me or Text if you are planning to attend 206 300 6148 dpappe@gmail.com
  16. This is a non-ZCCW sponsored event run by the Rainier Auto Sport Club. It is an all day event using a “route book” for directions. A passenger is highly recommended. It is a good event that is designed for Novice and first time participants. Usually involves lots of scenic back roads.Go to their website for lots of information: Rainier Auto Sports Club Raindrop is a leisurely paced Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally with fine driving roads, minimum traffic, and wonderful scenery. The rally is geared toward the novice entrant with no traps, and with mileages for every instruction, but precise timing will still be required to score well. Entrants receive instructions with specific, clear directions at speeds at or below legal limits, with specific times to start each section at one-minuteintervals. Raindrop is a “closed control” (passage control) format where cars do not stop at checkpoints. It’s a pure touring rally, and equal penalty for passing a checkpoint (which may be hidden) early or late. Speeding is a sure way to lose as the goal is to pass at the correct second, andthe car with least number of points wins. Precision timing is the main criteria, but Rainier also emphasizes remote areas and spectacular scenery. Raindrop will start at Mount Vernon and last about 5-3/4 hours. It is approximately 147 miles long on all paved roads suitable for any automobile. Date: May 1st, 2022. Start Location: Skagit Valley Square, behind Denny’s, 100 East College Way, Mount Vernon, WA. Just east of I-5 exit 227. Richta Check-in 48.435240°, -122.339031° Finish Location: Alfy’s Pizza at Water’s Edge, 916 SE Bayshore Drive, Oak Harbor, WA. 48.288048°,-122.646336° Rallymaster: Jim Breazeale Registrar: Eric Horst Contact Eric for questions about your registration or to make any changes after youregister. Entry Fee: $50 per prepaid auto entry, $15 for extra route book. No on-site registration. Classes: Unlimited, Equipped, Seat-Of-Pants, and Novice. General Instructions: Raindrop will use the Rainier Auto Sports Club Touring General Instructions (PDF format) available in Rally Reference along with Supplemental General Instructions specific to this event. Please be familiar with the definitions of your selected class. Supplemental Instructions may change at any time until provisional start order is posted. Scoring: Raindrop plans to utilize Richta GPS Checkpoints. You must load the Competitor app on an Android or IOS phone or tablet to be scored. For info see http://drscca.org/rally/using-the-richta-competitor-app/ or http://www.cascadegeargrinders.org/Files/Competitor_Richta_App_Instructions.pdf
  17. until
    This is a non sponsored event. Purchase tickets directly from event. Information to follow on meeting point prior to cruise in together. If you are not a facebook user please text me so we can add you to our ”going” list 206-300-6148 Tickets: https://tickets.thefoat.com/happenstanceevents/SpringFest+-+The+Seattle+Season+Opener/tickets/event-39157/?fbclid=IwAR2VuQAIrrURmQEf6vdfAbIM-cawvwEC1WTfEeBur5Zemb07MPH2OkobLJ8.
  18. Update: June 12, 2022 Two day trip for most of the 14 driversand three other members. Stayed overnight in The Dalles after an informal gathering for dinner. Sunday morning started for some before the 9:00departure to Stonehenge for the above photo. Then off to the Loops road. We completed as many runs up the hill as each member wanted to.The rain forecast waiting until we were getting done. The members took different routes home and reported fun road back to Seattle area, I personally had an epic drive north up the Old Yakima Canyon road. Evernote is enthusiastic to do it again.
  19. until
    May 12 Drive update: DRIVE CANCELED! I have been diligently watching the weather forecast for Bremerton and parts West. Things look poorfor a safe enjoyable drive on Sunday. There are lots of tight and blind corners and what could be slippery roads. Considering the danger and to be sure to meet club insurance coverage and after some discussion last night we agreed it would be best to reschedule. Currently I am looking at May 21or 22 pending some feedback. Watch for an update and confirmation of thedate soon. Update: May11,2022 Drive starting point is still Union 76 station, but meetup time is 9:00 am with departure expected at 9:20 am. Stage 1 is approximately 40 miles and time will depend on how many view and photo time we spend. Stage 2 will head back North along a busy route beside the Hood Canal. Then North and West again on our way to Seabeck. We stopped there for a bite of food and relaxed with a view of the Canal. Then its decision time on which route you will want to take back. I clocked 128mi on the Peninsula on Monday and I think Joe probably did another 100 miles plus from home to Bremerton and back home. It is possible to shorten the route if you need to. Email me for information or questions and route maps.Drive leader and contact: Don Pappe Early morning drive to Bremerton and the 80 miles of strictly two lane back roads. Those of us might want tocatch the 7:25 ferry to meet up point in Bremerton. Depart Bremerton about (10:00) NOW 9:00 and head to East side of the peninsula and the south to far end. Turnaround and head for Seabrook before turning toward Bremerton. Stops for Lunch and photos. The day goes by fast. (More Details to follow)
  20. March * Update: Breakfast crowd meet at Maltby Cafe at 8:00 Drive kicks off at 10:00 Rear Parking lot of Maltby Cafe. Just of 522 at Paradise Lake Road Top off gas at Costco at 522 and Hwy 9 exit Morning gathering in Woodinville Area, (to be finalized). Early birds meet for breakfast before drive. Here is a quick view (details to follow) Drive Leader: Joe Szymanski Head out toward Cathcart Grocery High Bridge RD Crescent Lake RD Ben Howard RD Sultan Basin RD Dead end turn around
  21. Looks like mine! I have the license plate cutout version. Purchased from MSA.
  22. FYI, here are the activities that will get you more badges and increase your rankings. I'm not saying which ones have more power though, that would be unfair... 😉 Create new threads Reply and participate in conversations Follow content Follow members Give reactions Frequent sign-ins Purchase subscription (badge only - basically you can't buy your way to Grand Master (you have to earn it) Let me know if you have any questions/concerns. Mike
  23. Looks like a bug... I'll have to run another update ..
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