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  1. bsnedigar


    Thanks for the advice! I work on getting a new one ordered. bob
  2. bsnedigar


    Folks, I would like your suggestions on an ignition coil. I have 78 280Z that is running fine, but am considering replacing the coil due to the fact that I'm sure the coil is the original one and is showing some rust spots. Would you suggest replacing with an OEM coil or one of the 'hotter' coils? Thoughts? I appreciate any comments. Bob
  3. I'm repainting my Black Pearl and am wondering about the pin stripe. I've search past posts and found something in 2009 regarding a pin stripe kit that once was available. Does anyone know if this available anywhere or should I just paint the stripes on? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. How about the rubber bumper ends?
  5. Hmm, not really sure. I would ask a message in the forum. We have more downloads coming but I'm not sure if we have every year. First place I'd check is the forum for now.

  6. Mike, how close is the 77 wiring diagram to a 78Z?



  7. Thanks for all the responses! As Unkle stated, the center caps do rotate freely and are in excellent shape. So much to learn about the history of the Z. My hiking buddy bought a new 240 in the early 70's and I can remember what a great car and ride it was! Thanks for all the info. bob
  8. Thanks for the information. I debating whether to put them on my 78, sell them or? Appreciate the information. This is a awesome site! Appreciate all the help from everyone and the quick responses.
  9. Purchased my second Z, a 1977 280 Z with Enkei wheels as shown in the picture. Can anyone fill me in about these? Are they an aftermarket wheel or are they stock? Appreciate your input!
  10. I just purchased my 2nd Z, a 1977 280Z, and the po stated he could not get it started. Once getting it home, I removed the number one plug and cranked the engine until piston #1 was at TDC. In removing the distributor cap the rotor is pointing to approximately where #6 fires. I changed all the wires to match this and the engine started right up. I pulled the distributor thinking I could rotate it 180 degrees to get the firing order as stated in the FSM. The base of the distributor is not 'centered' therefore it will only fit one way. Does this mean that the timing chain is off 180 degrees or am I missing something? Could I leave it as is? Thanks for any ideas!
  11. I've ordered from both MSA and BD. Both work well with shipping to Alaska and I know that BD stands behind their products and has an excellent return policy. I had purchased a set of weatherstripping for my doors, unfortunately they did not fit well and they refunded my money even after the install and left on the doors for a couple of months. (Seeing if they would seal correctly).
  12. bsnedigar

    Brake Drums

    Just finished installing new rear struts and bushings. I'm looking at painting the rear brake drums and am wondering if I should use high temp paint or just a good rust preventative spray paint? I know that the brakes can get hot, but is it hot enough to cause regular spray paint burn? Thanks for any help. 1978 280Z coupe.
  13. I suppose it could be a circulating tank heater, but most tank heaters have a larger electrical connector. I'll pull it apart for a better look.
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