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  1. Thanks everyone. I had some ATF in the motor, turned it and it turned over by hand! Replaced the spark plugs and drained the oil. Just have to replace a few more things, and I'll do a test start with a fuel line directly into a small gas tank. I took it out for a real good rinsing to get the spider webs out from under the car. The paint has a great shine to it, and it hasn't even gotten a detail yet! Frame rails and floors looked great. Emptied out the gas tank, and the gas looked great! No real rust particles came out. Carl Beck suggested I take a look inside the tank still to make sure there
  2. This is insane! I'll be performing a tank flush this weekend and hopefully all goes well. If not I have a fresh tank on the side waiting for it. The photo kind of makes me wonder about my other cars though...
  3. Posts have been fixed and photos are now available for your viewing pleasure.
  4. Yeah I also noticed that they weren't loading for me. I will try to update later today. Thanks for noticing!
  5. Thanks Carl, it means a lot! Hopefully all goes well. I don't have the name of the transporter on me right now but I will get it to you when I can. They were really easy going and definitely put in some work to get the car out of the dirt driveway to a place where they can tow it. I'll shoot you a pm last I checked it was something around 45k
  6. Just wanted to update this really quickly. Poured some ATF through the spark plugs and giving it some time. Next I'm going to replace the fuel lines in the engine bay as well as empty the gas tank to see what's going on. Some teaser photos for now.
  7. Thanks for all the positive replies! Hazmatt, it was a little hard for me to swallow as well. It's my first time buying a car unseen. I've looked through your build as well and it is going along very nicely. Here are some more pictures of the car being unloaded from the transport. It took four guys and a lot of muscle to get this thing off since one of the rear wheels was locked up, but that should be taken care of soon. Tomorrow I shall be following some of the steps in Awakening The Beast, while the gas tank straps are on order. While I wait for all those things to ship in, I'll clean an
  8. This thread is mainly for me to document the process of refreshing this 1972 Datsun 240z that I was able to acquire with the help of Carl Beck. About a month back Carl posted a Facebook post on onto the Datsun groups, and I immediately inquired about the car. He gave me the owner's contact number, and after a month of jumping through hoops I was finally able to seal the deal and the car landed here on the west coast. It was last registered in 1988 and was a 1 owner car until I purchased it. Backstory is that the previous owner bought it in California enjoyed it here and drove it to Ohio. It
  9. Hey Travel'n Man, Thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to take the radiator to get checked once the engine and transmission are out for cleaning. I need to get a lot of the small projects done before school starts. Anyone have recommendation on how I can clean my fuel lines? Replacing them is $$$ and if I can clean them to put the money somewhere else, I'll try that.
  10. Quick update. I spent the last week or so in Orange and contemplated on buying things from MSA since I was there, but ended up purchasing nothing. I recently got back and started to work on the car. First things first! I had to get this thing running or else it was never going to move. I drained the oil out, and put in new oil along with a new filter. Put in some new spark plugs and ran gas directly to the pump. Man am I DUMB. I thought I had it all planned. I put in a new battery and got the terminals switched!! After I slapped it on I saw some smoke coming from the started and the alternator
  11. Hey tamo3! I still have the Fairlady Z and depending on how things go, it will probably be restored within the next 20 years I have my 280z to tackle after this...
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. I think I'm going to take tlorber's advice and remove the smog equipment, but not off this motor. I have a spare l28 with an n42 head that came off a running Z I'll throw in this one. So that one will run on round top carbs while this motor remains untouched. If I ever wanted to go back to completely original, it will be there waiting for me. Hardway, I looked up what you were talking about and came to this link: http://www.jrdemers.com/280ZX/tankvents/tankvents.html If that's what you're talking about, I'll probably take care of it once I know the car and
  13. Hey hr369, Thanks for the kind words. I found it in the Santa Clara/San Jose area. It was on the border of the two cities. The carpet can't be lifted out without it cracking, so I think washing it is not an option for sure haha. The gas tank is on my list of to do. It's going to get cleaned out and powder coated when I take the suspension down for a powdercoat job. Your 280z is probably similar to my 280z as well. Practically no rust and was sitting in someone's garage. Got any photos? Dog legs and floor boards on the car are in absolutely pristine condition. I'll have to get a photo of those
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