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  1. Thanks for the great photos! A big help.
  2. Excellent work. I was unable to download the templates that were originally attached to the article. Are they available elsewhere? I checked the download section on the website but only found a blower gasket template. Thanks!
  3. That's a very good point. My 2" exhaust system is actually pretty quiet with minimal/no resonance. I'll stick with the header for now and reaccess after the car's put back together. I'm redoing all of the insulation so that should make a difference.
  4. I'm doing a thorough refurb of my '72 z and one of the important goals is to reduce cabin noise. Therefore, I'm considering replacing the 6-2-1 headers on my 3.2l street motor with an N33 exhaust manifold I had on a previous engine. The N33 manifold was recommended to me on the early '80's as an alternative to headers by Frank Leary (Frogline Racing). He said the N33 flowed well, is quieter than headers, and that it was designed to help compensate for performance losses due to stricter '73 emission standards. I still have the drawing somewhere that he drew to describe it to me. Anyhow, I wanted to get your feedback on this idea. Link to E30 and N33 manifold photos, if you're not familiar with the differences: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/attachments/help-me/36624d1276877869-exhaust-manifold-question-1971-240z-n33.jpg Thanks for your help! Dave IZCC#508
  5. I would like to find out what others are doing for a spare tire after installing brake rotors requiring 15" minimum wheels. Thanks, Dave. '72 240z
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I purchased some items from him recently and I did ask about the label. He's hoping to add the late style hazard switch decals like mine soon. Hasn't happened yet, though.
  7. Those are good ideas. I'm familiar with Arctic White so I think I'll try that first. Thanks.
  8. Any paint recommendations for 240z emblems? Wick's book recommended low-gloss/matte black, but no suggestions for the white. My emblem's white paint appear to be a matte, off-white. They've been in storage for 30 years, so the color is probably pretty close to original. Thanks, Dave '72 240z IZCC#508
  9. Banzai Motorworks has fusible links for 70-73 z's, but they're quite different. Pics: Banzai Motorworks
  10. Banzai Motorworks has fusible links for 70-73 z's, but they're quite different. Pics: Banzai Motorworks
  11. In the passenger footwell under the dash. Looking at the picture on the Courtesy web page, the evaporator is laying on it's side that faces the firewall. Your heater system will pull air through the evaporator.
  12. As I mentioned in another thread, check out http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/thread34108.html Dave IZCC#508
  13. Missed your post. Check out this thread: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/thread34108.html Three screws and glue are necessary. Apparently early '71's and earlier z's didn't have this seal. Also, the part numbers I listed earlier are for the lower quarter window seals. The correct part numbers are: 76837-N4500 WEATHERSTRIP-SIDE WINDOW RH 76838-N4500 WEATHERSTRIP-SIDE WINDOW LH 76840-E4100 RUBBER-SIDE WINDOW LOWER RH Banzai MW RU-03 76841-E4100 RUBBER-SIDE WINDOW LOWER LH Banzai MW RU-03 Dave
  14. Can someone suggest a source for the hazard sticker I have on my 5/72 dash? All that I've seen don't say "HAZARD", just ON/OFF. Thanks, Dave IZCC#508
  15. I the Thai side marker lenses on ebay and the rubber gaskets from Vintage Rubber. I'll let you know how this $60 fix works out. Thanks for your inputs. Dave
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