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  1. I have triple webers on my 73 240z and switched to a 1980zx distributor and it seemed to me I lost a hair of performance, although that may have been my imagination(pessimist nature). I tried it with and without the vacuum line attached and it didn't make any difference in performance. However, I have the stock cam, so the engine really isn't taking advantage of the triples anyway, so any minor mods like the distributor were probably not going to do much. The one thing the electronic distributor did do was make the idle much smoother. Hooked it up as described in these forums and had no problem with the tach. Victor.
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    Grew up in the nation of Southern California. Had a difficult time learning their languages, breathing their smog, and finding a 20 foot space on their freeways, so gladly left for good 24 years ago. Do miss their weather though. Victor.
  3. Thanks everybody. Sounds like there should be no mods necessary with my installation. Excellent! Now I'll keep my fingers crossed that the tranny will at least shift into all 5 gears. I will put in new front, rear, and front plate seals, along with new shifter bushings and new speedo pinion o-rings before I install the 5 speed. Victor.
  4. I am sticking a 1980 280zx 5 speed into my 1973 240z and was wondering if I will need to modify the shifter. I think I've read most of the posts but am still a bit confused. Some threads say great fit, others say you need to do some bending. If bending is needed, does someone have a pattern to use? I thought I saw something about that a while ago, but can't seem to find the info. Thanks, Victor.
  5. Thanks Stephen. I have the B tranny then.
  6. Thanks, Lance. The one thing I'm not sure of is whether I have an A or B tranny. The previous owner replaced the 73 engine with a 71 and I'm not sure what tranny he put back in. I just assumed he would use the 73 tranny, but I'd better check.
  7. I am going to put a 1980 280zx 5 speed transmission into my 1973 240z manual. I am a bit confused from the posts I have read as to which fork to use and which sleeve and throw out bearing to use. Please shed some definitive light on this for me. Thanks, Victor.
  8. He must have bought a 350z and is embarrassed to come back here and admit it. Or maybe he hooked into a great white and is being towed forever off the Barrier reef. Where is ye Bravo? Victor.
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    No, it was my son who had the fun about 8 or 10 months ago. Rounding a long right curve at 65mph the left front wheel fell off. It was night and couldn't find the wheel, so came back in the morning and searched for about 6 hours, both sides of road. Never found it. Someone must have gotten lucky and found my new(1000 miles on it) Michelin. Very unlikely anyone will have just one of these but might as well ask. Victor.
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    Need 1(one) Minilte 14x6.5 wheel. Would have to be older, maybe mid 70s to 80s. New ones don't match the older ones.
  11. If you truly do own a flux capacitor, all your problems are solved. You can go back to the early seventies and buy yourself a new 240z. Unfortunately you'll have to buy a DeLorean before you can go back.
  12. You guys down there must still get customer service. That quaint practice has been out of vogue in the US for years.
  13. How do you chat when you can only type two words/minute? I've been thinking of trying a speech recognition program like Dragon Naturally Speaking so I can chat with my daughter who is away at college. Anyone had any luck doing this? Victor.
  14. Don't worry! Everyone will be happy when this is all over. You'll get the money you need and will be happy, her insurance company will pay out the money which will make her happy, her insurance company will raise her rates and will soon recoup much more money than they paid out(Oh! Maybe she won't be too happy in the long run), your insurance company may even be able to get happy happy and raise your rates if it can find out about the accident, whether it was your fault or not. And you can even make some lawyers happy if you get them involved. As for lawyers getting paid whether they win or not: No different than doctors getting paid whether the patient is cured or dies. Neither system is "fair", but then the word "fair" seems to be a word invented and used by the pathologically optimistic and tooth "fair"y believers. Good luck anyway, and whether you win or lose, just go out with some good company and have a beer and some good food and this problem won't seem very large. Priorities.
  15. C'mon, explain yourself! I need a laugh.
  16. Hey, watch it! No "friggin" on this site!
  17. Probably a large reason for the owners of the early Zs having such loyalty to those models is that most of us have put in a great deal of our spare time working on these vehicles, and that investment definitely creates a stronger affinity for these particular year models. When you invest a lot of time and effort(by choice) in something, it tends to have more value in your eyes than something you simply go out and buy that doesn't require any blood and sweat. You also tend to become overly emotional when defending these objects and start ascribing ethereal qualities to them. Trying to include the 350z in the same sentence with the 240z is like including Bonds in the same sentence with Ruth. Ruth(240z) has become legend and was a more primitive, natural athlete, while Bonds(350z), a modern technological marvel with his designer steroids is not out of the game yet and thus hasn't had those extra years to have people start ascribing ethereal qualities to him. Those men are strictly products of their own time and there is no way they can be legitimately compared to each other any more than the 240z and 350z. I hope this interesting little attachment that follows works. Victor.
  18. There were several reasons I bought my 240Z. I was looking for a first car for my son that was exceptional(by that I mean not just a typical beater), fun to drive yet affordable, and simple enough for us both to work on. I accidently stumbled across an add in the Denver paper that had a 240 that I could afford to buy and rebuild before my son turned 16. For various reasons the car was not a good match for him and I ended up taking it back for myself( This was a great plan to get what I had wanted ever since I drove my girlfriend's Z in 1972 and not have the wife absolutely refuse to allow it) and getting him a much safer(to everyone's delight) 2001 Hyundai Tiburon. This relates to this thread because the 240 is still extremely affordable, makes a person feel exceptional(not a whole lot of these rust buckets left), is fun to drive, and easy to work on. Although the 350z is affordable by todays standard, it is definitely not affordable for me(almost no new car is), not easy to work on and modify yourself, and in my mind would not give me a feeling of driving a very exceptional vehicle. And it is kind of satisfying and flattering to have people continually coming up to the car to ask questions and admire it. Although I can appreciate the 350Z as a really nice car, it isn't different enough nor exciting enough for me to feel like I need to go up and ask questions of the owner. So I guess it's just more fun and more attainable for me to own and work on this nostalgic piece of metal than it would be to own that nice piece of technology. But then I was talking to my son just yesterday about how if I had the money, I really wouldn't be very interested in owning a new Ferrari, but that I could really get into buying or restoring an old Dodge challenger or any old muscle car. Plebian tastes I guess. Victor.
  19. Thanks guys. Victor
  20. Apply a little heat to the nut with a torch. Careful not to overheat cause stuff will lose it's temper. The object is to get the temperature differential between the nut and stud as great as possible as quickly as possible so that the nut expands more quickly than the threads of the stud, thereby breaking the corrosion bond. Nice theory anyway, and has worked for me on many rusted nuts and bolts. Victor.
  21. I've been in a few wrecks and the sensations while going through it are interesting. It almost seems like things are in slow motion. No pain initially and don't really remember any sound. Pretty surreal actually. The body just goes into protective mode and pumps out the adrenaline and endorphins so that most senses are masked. Just throw a little salt over your shoulder to give you that good luck for the next time. Victor.
  22. Probably the stem seals but stuck oil rings might be possible.
  23. Why just for females? One large please. T-shirt, not a thong.
  24. Unfortunately I can't tell you which of the following fixes worked for my vapor locking 73 Z because I did them all at once: Re-installed the mechanical fuel pump(already had the electric running), fabricated a heat shield, hooked the fuel recirculation back up, and insulated all of my fuel hoses with 1/2 inch copper pipe foam insulation from the hardware store. Absolutely no vapor lock anymore. Victor.
  25. Hi Gary, It has to be a sickening feeling when you hear the C word connected with one of your kids. You always think that these things happen to other people, not you or yours, like watching the news on TV. I wish these crummy diseases were only accessible through old age(of course no disease at all would be better) and that the young would be left alone to enjoy long and joyful lives. I hope she bears up well during this uncertain time and that any treatments are not too disruptive to her life. Fortunately the prognosis looks good, so there's room for optimism. A ton of good fortune for your daughter, you, and the rest of your family. Victor.
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