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  1. I'm planning on putting some 6x9's in my compartments on my 240z. I'm fabbing up some mounts as we speak.
  2. That's a good point. I am buying non OE style racing buckets for mine and that is the reason for selling these so I can install my harness. I guess I would have to find someone that wanted the OE style seats already recovered in good shape. Probably $250 shipped would be pretty fair you think? For another Z owner it'd be a nice cheap deal I guess for OE seats that would just bolt in. Anybody have torn up interior that's looking for some replacement seats, haha?
  3. Cool, thanks for the info. I wondered how seats this old could look that good, . I'm trying to offset the price of buying new seats by selling these but can't seem to find a value for them.
  4. I just picked up this super clean '72 240z but I am installing harnesses and therefore, some aftermarket seats. The car has some really clean stock, brown seats in it but I can't seem to find any for sale anywhere. I'm trying to figure out what a fair price for them would be without under or over pricing them. Below are some pictures and the following is just the price of seat covers (which are all I've been able to find and why I can't get a good idea of what they're worth): http://motors.shop.ebay.com/__?_from=R40&_trksid=m39&_nkw=240z+seat Pics of my seats: I just had these pics of the interior so I'll try to take some more detailed ones intentionally when I get a chance. Anyone have any ideas what these would be worth? Or anyone want them, ?
  5. Thanks for the tips so far guys. The hatch itself and the release work perfectly, but it just won't lock so I don't want to put any stereo stuff or radar detectors in it. I'm trying to figure out a good clean way to fab up some sort of manual hatch lock that can be reached from inside the cab because I don't use the hatch to much. Re-keying the lock seems like a good idea too, I may just have to pull it. Of course I just re-sealed around the lock after cleaning up the small amount of surface rust and also reattached the inner vinyl cover that covers the inside of the hatch where the lock is too, . Damn.
  6. Ok, So I'm trying to wire up a new turn signal system since the stock one's don't work. I know I need a thermal flasher but for some reason I can't seem to find any good schematics or directions for exactly what I need and what order to wire everything in order to make them work. I would like to put a switch in the center console and attach it to a small led that will illuminate to let me know that the turn signals are in. Anybody have any links or any ideas of the best way to do that? Thanks in advance for any tips you guys have, Fletch
  7. Well, I guess the dumb question is, is there a special way to lock it? Did they originally come with two keys then and the ignition key just doesn't open that specific lock I guess? How much (approx.) does it cost to get the hatch re-keyed? Thanks everybody!
  8. Ok, so I may be really dumb. I just picked up my 72 240z a few weeks ago and both door locks work with the one key I received but no matter what I've tried I've been unable to lock the rear hatch. I know some older cars had a separate trunk key but I only got one. The push button mechanism works perfectly but I just can't lock it so I don't feel safe putting my radar detector or stereo in the car. I searched on here but couldn't find anything definitive so I wanted to see if there was some trick to locking the the hatch first of all. Second, would it require a different key and that's why I can't lock it? Third, what could I do to remedy this problem? I've been looking but everybody wants several hundred dollars for a complete lock and ignition replacement kit. Any ideas? Thanks! Fletch
  9. Thanks guys. Yeah, I updated my signature so it should tell more about the car there. It's a TPI 305 out of a 92 Camaro with SLP runners, a cam and some head work. It was rebuilt about 5000 miles ago and runs strong. It's mated to a Ford T5 tranny which feels good too. I just have a friend who I think I might be able to talk into giving me a good deal on an LS1 and T56 out of an 04 GTO, . Sorry Frankie, I graduated from Purdue, haha. I'm not all that loyal though and I'm originally from Bloomington if it makes it better. I live in Fishers by the way.
  10. I'd give them a ride in my 240z if they wanted one, .
  11. I've wanted one of those cameras for a while now. Glad to know they are decent!
  12. Hey everybody, I'm pretty new to S30's but not new to Z's. I previously had a pretty modified 2003 350z which I autocrossed quite a bit. I picked this car up in NJ but it was built in NC as I understand it. I will probably be selling the motor and trans out of the car at some point soon if anyone is interested because I'm wanting to potentially do another Nissan motor or a bigger power V8. Ok, so here are just a couple of pics of the car. Can't wait to learn as much as possible here and hopefully be able to contribute soon!
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