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  1. Im looking to buy a set of triple weber 45 with lynx manifold, it is already tuned to the following specs and I was wondering if you guy can give me some quick advice before I take the plunge. My engine is an L28 stock. Thanks Choke = 36 venturi = 4.5 Main Jet = 145 Air corrector = 180 Emulsion Tube = F15 Idle jet = 60 F6 Pump jet = 35
  2. Thanks guys, I'll confirm after when they are here. As for the bolts, should I order them from Nissan or any high tensile bolts will do?
  3. Does anyone know what Z those cvs came from? They look a bit long for the 280zxt's, Im thinking of the z31 NA cvs but Im not sure, could be z32? The reason I ask is I want to source the bolts for the cv to the flange. Thanks
  4. Ive marked the yolks so thats not an issue. But Ill try the 180 degree rotation and rotate the grease nipple 180' if that doesn't work.
  5. I removed the halfshafts & driveshaft today to replace all the unis, upon completion I connected only the driveshaft back to test for any vibrations (the halfshatfs are not connected), so the diff companion flanges just spin by themselves. It was all smooth until about 80kph or 50mph then I can hear the tunnel vibrates, kinda loud. If I rev it pass that speed then its fine, tried gear 3,4 and 5 and all have the same problem. When I install the unis I put both the grease nipples on the same side (the nipples are on the caps) instead of opposite sides, could this be the culprit to the vibration? They are a few grams max, could it be that they caused the vibration since we are talking high rpm here? Ive yet to rotate the driveshaft 180 degree and I'll do it tomorrow, also since they tunnel vibrate without the power transmitted to the ground Im guessing the same thing will happen when the halfshafts are connected?...Please give me some inputs, I dont really want to remove the one uni and rotate the nipple to the other side. Thanks
  6. lubu

    Electrical Issue

    I know this is an old thread but I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what Ive done wrong. Thanks monkeyman, you saved me.
  7. Thanks for the pics Zs, but with that setup I think the windows crank will fit? That is one massive setup for such a small car, I do like the kick panel pods though, are they custom made or purchasable?
  8. Hey guys, just finishing my paint job and Im thinking of putting a new audio system in. Im getting the Hertz MLK 165 for the front and Critical Mass RS69 for the rear backing by an Mcintosh MC440 amp. I was wondering if I can put the Hertz in the front doors (depth is 8cm and diameter is 16.8cm:tapemouth) a little bit too big for the doors I think, has anyone managed to put anything this big to their doors? If possible can you please post some pics.
  9. Keep it, I went through all the troubles to installed one, and never looked back.
  10. Ive just installed 300zx powered seats in my s30 and I must say they are very comfortable. The brackets however, are different for driver's and passenger's so don't make the mistake and duplicate (ask me how I know) other than that they fit fine. Also remember to use high tensile bolts for the brackets and the mounts.
  11. Been a while since I was on here and my post doesn't seem to go thru so we'll try this. I did use the R134a and changed a couple of lines. Doesn't get as cold as the R12 but it works fine. Cheers.

  12. I think you are spot on, I was going with 4.11 but now I settle for 3.7, its has the best of both worlds. You could go with the 3.9 too, 4.11 is too much IMHO.
  13. Paul is spot on, if you can do metal work it shouldn't cost that much just very time consuming. But once you started you can't stop...rust killing is very addictive
  14. But I thought the world is trying to cut down the ciggie consumption. I guess you know best
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