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  1. Hi Dan thanks for your offer. I was able to secure this decal from an alternative source so I am good to go for my car show.
  2. Thanks for everyone for all your input for an alternative source for this decal.
  3. I ordered a decal I needed to complete the restoration of my 240Z to have it ready for a show and it never arrived. The item was sent with no tracking information so there was no way for me or Zeddsaver to track the delivery. My order was placed on June 6th. By June 16th still no delivery of my decal so I contacted Zeddsaver and asked them to resend the item since it had not arrived. instead I received a cash refund which does not help me one bit! I still need the decal to complete my restoration. Zeddsaver put this item in the mail and just assumed that it would arrive at my location. I am ve
  4. Hi Everyone I am an original owner of a 1971 240Z that was purchased in Oct. 1971. I would like to restore my car and need help in locating a shop to do this. The car has been setting in the garage for about 20 yrs now in a non-operation state. I would appreciate and help in locating a shop that will do a complete restoration. Thanks Neal
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