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  1. adam lancia

    240z in Europe

    Wow, thanks guys!!! I was actually hoping to start researching about the feasibility of owning one of these gems and I've already got a free auto lined up, that's gotta be a sign!.....right? I'm looking at the late fall/early winter as far as when I'll have the cash together so it might make more sense to wait until the spring to begin the search in earnest since it sounds like they're not huge fans of staying rust free when driven in snow without the proper prep. I don't have an indoor garage at the moment either so without a place to store it all winter it probably wouldn't make much sense picking one up.....yet Any recommendations for what to look in a good runner? Also, is there a good online source for repair information and documents? Thanks guys!!!
  2. adam lancia

    240z in Europe

    Hi all, I'm a transplanted Canadian living in Cologne, Germany. I've always liked the earlier Z cars but have never been in a position to purchase one. I'm finally getting around to entering the workforce and have been giving Z's a serious thought. Are there many available in Germany? Also, were any of them ever offered with an automatic transmission? Reason I ask is that I'm a bilateral lower leg amputee and driving a stick is a tiresome and dangerous exercise, especially in the city. I've got a good background in mechanic'ing so I'm pretty confident I can keeping the car in good running shape. If anyone has a link to Germany-specific Z car info that would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
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