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  1. kestone

    240z in Europe

    And maybe you have tried to ship the OEM parts from USA?
  2. kestone

    240z in Europe

    That's realy not right. Lithuania has never been part of Denmark. I only know that Northen Estonia was a part of Denmark ir XIII-XIV century, but Lithuania never I haven't got Z yet, but i'm willing to buy it, if the conditions of having a Z in Europe appears normal.
  3. kestone

    240z in Europe

    Why they don't like snow? Because of the rust or is it something else? I have red that people are taking Z's to a profesional Datsun mechanic, is it bad to repair the Z at a simple mechanic? And how much does the Z cost for a year?
  4. kestone

    240z in Europe

    Yes i have searched ebay. But there are many sellers, who do not ship to Europe or they charge enourmous sum of money for shiping. So maybe you have links of stores, which ships to Europe for a relatively small price? P.S. About Lithuania, you mean Lithuania was a part of Denmark ????
  5. kestone

    240z in Europe

    Could you be so kind and post those links, where i can order parts from?
  6. kestone

    240z in Europe

    I'm from Lithuania, i won't be surprised if you don't know where it is. About 240z, can it be an everyday's car? Or is it too unreliable? Are you driving your Z everyday or just for fun?
  7. kestone

    240z in Europe

    Hello, is there anybody who lives in Europe and has a 240z? If so, be so kind and answer some questions. Is it hard to get parts for the 240z or maybe other nissan parts fits? And is it possible to make 240z everyday ride?
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